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:It's the [[MSM]], and they've got an agenda to push. Not that the nonsense they're spewing is in line with reality much. —[[User:Liberaltears|<code><span style="color:black; background:#FFABAB">'''LT'''</span></code>]]'''''[[User:Liberaltears/mail|<sup>May D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well!</sup>]]''''' Wednesday, 19:01, 24 November 2020 (EST)
:It's the [[MSM]], and they've got an agenda to push. Not that the nonsense they're spewing is in line with reality much. —[[User:Liberaltears|<code><span style="color:black; background:#FFABAB">'''LT'''</span></code>]]'''''[[User:Liberaltears/mail|<sup>May D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well!</sup>]]''''' Wednesday, 19:01, 24 November 2020 (EST)
I see, but would you give TX toss-up, Tilt R, Lean R, Likely R, or Safe R? - [[User:United States]]

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Hi Liberal Tears. I saw the page: https://www.conservapedia.com/Conservapedia:Unofficial_2020_Senate_predictions. Let me know if you would like to collaborate on similar predictions for the presidential election - state by state, we can look at the best polls and simulate electoral college totals.

God Bless. NishantXavierFor Christ the King 15:03, 14 May 2020 (EDT)

That does sound like a great idea! Do you want to start the page for the presidential election predictions by state? --LiberaltearsYour reminder that Biden committed quid pro joe 15:14, 14 May 2020 (EDT)

I'd love to, LT. Though I'm not sure what would be the right title? Shall I call it, "Conservapedia:Unofficial 2020 Presidential election predictions"? NishantXavierFor Christ the King 15:25, 14 May 2020 (EDT)

That's a great suggestion, and I would personally remove the capitalization for "Presidential". --LiberaltearsYour reminder that Biden committed quid pro joe 15:29, 14 May 2020 (EDT)
Also, since the presidential election is technically one election divided in 51 (fifty states plus DC), I would remove the "s" from "predictions". --LiberaltearsYour reminder that Biden committed quid pro joe 15:31, 14 May 2020 (EDT)

Great! It's done: https://www.conservapedia.com/Conservapedia:Unofficial_2020_presidential_election_predictions this is going to be an exciting project! I hope it's good to start off with. If we need to make any editions, and for future additions, I hope we can make it there. God Bless. NishantXavierFor Christ the King 15:35, 14 May 2020 (EDT)

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Liberaltears, I set up your talk page in a way that will prevent vandalism to your talk page and I locked it.

You can see what I did at: User talk:Liberaltears.

If you didn't like what I did, you can get an admin to revert it.Conservative (talk) 22:33, 7 May 2020 (EDT)

Liberal Tears, I'm going to create a Table (first in Excel, then later, if it is good, we'll add it to the article) with Columns "State, Electoral college votes, 2016 result, 2016 popular vote tally, projected 2020 result, projected 2020 popular vote tally". Do you think that is workable? If you have an email id, I will share it with you on Excel when it is done. And if you like it, I will make the table here in the article. Thoughts? NishantXavierFor Christ the King 15:45, 14 May 2020 (EDT)

Sorry for not responding earlier. So I'm not exactly sure about having it shared to me via Excel, do you think you can mention your thoughts on the project talk page? --LiberaltearsYour reminder that Biden committed quid pro joe 23:19, 14 May 2020 (EDT)

No worries. I'll post it there when it's done. God Bless NishantXavierFor Christ the King 11:15, 15 May 2020 (EDT)

Alright. And God bless you too! --LiberaltearsJust say no to quid pro joe! | Free Roger Stone! 11:19, 15 May 2020 (EDT)

Hi. Can you take a look at the page? I got popular vote, electoral vote data for 2016 for all 50 states. I just filled in for 10 states. Do you want me to fill for the remaining forty? I believe the final tally was 307-230. So once 2016 is done, we'll do for 2020 similarly based on projections. NishantXavierFor Christ the King 13:53, 15 May 2020 (EDT)

I saw your edits, and they seem great! About the remaining forty, I may perhaps do some, as my focus is largely on the Senate elections. Unfortunately, I have some other problems at the moment, and it may be harder to do as much CP editing as I usually do as of right now. --LiberaltearsJust say no to quid pro joe! | Free Roger Stone! 14:02, 15 May 2020 (EDT)

Hey, thanks for the quick reply. Glad you like it; I can finish the 50, no problem, if that's cool with you. I have all the data on my computer. You can edit it afterward for any corrections. For the next 50, the 2020 predictions, when you're free next time, we can put our heads together. Based on the cumulative polling, we can arrive at the closest projections possible, drawn from the latest data. Thanks for all your efforts, I've seen many of the great articles you've authored or edited for Conservapedia. The election can be so close, you never know. A Presidential election may be won by a single state. Then think how glad we'll be on Nov. 3rd for all our efforts! Similarly a single seat more in the senate may give us the key vote necessary for very important legislation. Our liberal friends will weep, and we will laugh, when it comes to that! NishantXavierFor Christ the King 14:14, 15 May 2020 (EDT)

Hi again LT. Have you any thoughts or data on how we can estimate likely numbers of the electorate in each state? Last time it was close to 140 Million, this time they say it'll be over 155 million nationwide. I'll finish filling in some of the college votes for states in some time. Since most are winner take all, that's relatively easier to project, at least in states where there is a clear majority. NishantXavierFor Christ the King 12:38, 16 May 2020 (EDT)

Unfortunately, I dunno much about estimating the hard numbers. I'm not entirely sure where to gather the data on voter registration, and I tend to focus more on the general likeliness of certain states to vote either Republican or Democrat based on the incumbent officeholders, their popularity, enthusiasm, etc, their opponent(s), as well as trends and polling. --LiberaltearsJust say no to quid pro joe! | Free Roger Stone! 13:43, 16 May 2020 (EDT)

No worries. I'm sure we'll get there in the end. We have 5 1/2 months to spur interest and hopefully have an impact on voter turnout. I think turnout will be key for Repbulicans this time. I'll be adding a bit more to the article from time to time. This is a liberal site, but it mentions the likely increase in turnout in 2020: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2019/06/2020-election-voter-turnout-could-be-record-breaking/591607/ Some 10 million voters voted for a third party candidate who had no chance of winning. We should try to discourage that by emphasizing that that is foolish. If Trump wins anything like 80 million votes overall, I'm sure he will pull through successfully. Dems are worried many new voters will vote for him.

One possible method of proceeding would be seeing what polls were saying last election around this time. If they indicated roughly the same numbers we see now, and the ratio of voters in the state was e.g. 60% Trump, we can estimate it will be around the same. The net increase in voting population for each state will have to be factored in. Those are just some preliminary thoughts to proceed, we'll figure out the number-crunching as we go on. God bless. NishantXavierFor Christ the King 14:00, 16 May 2020 (EDT)

Hello again. Made three important changes thus far, on California, Texas and Ohio. Also computed provisional totals with Trump at 74 and Biden at 55 (California) with 7 states computed so far. Arizona is still uncertain, and is a toss-up as you mentioned in the comment. We'll get down to more exact predictions later on, combining everything from support, enthusiasm, expectation etc. Let's try to fill the easier states with clearer outcomes first. I'll be continuing and let you know if anything in particular comes up or I have any question. Hope you are well. God Bless. NishantXavierFor Christ the King 11:52, 17 May 2020 (EDT)

Hello Liberal Tears. Hope you are well. Been busy with other things for a while, but just updated the numbers for Oklahoma, not based on a poll, but based on the massive enthusiasm for the Trump Rally there. I think Trump will carry the state with great ease, especially in light of 2016 numbers. Also, I was thinking - it's estimated there will be a 10% increase in turnout overall in 2020, close to around 150 million votes overall. So, as a beginning strategy for estimating numbers in each and every state, do you think starting out with 10% increases on 2016 numbers for both candidates would be a good way to begin? If you agree, please let me know. I can do it on Excel and will copy it to Conservapedia after that. God Bless.

By way of example, if Trump got 1 million votes and Clinton 400 K in a state, we will project, if all else is same, Trump 1.1 M and Biden as 440 K. Progressive adjustments will be made to the number after that, in light of new data, if polling or enthusiasm etc suggsts it is required.NishantXavierFor Christ the King 22:38, 17 June 2020 (EDT)

Good analysis, NishantXavier! In regards to your question about voter turnout, I suppose adding 10% is a good place to start, though I don't know too much about projecting such. To make good predictions on that, I would really attention to primary turnout numbers, as I've mentioned in an example here. By the way, can you also see if you can add any good analyses to this prediction page as well if you have time? While there are certain things I can catch up on right now, I don't exactly have the sufficient time to add major updates yet, and it may take two weeks before I finish up some annoying tasks I'm occupied with currently. Thanks! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! 22:59, 17 June 2020 (EDT)

Hi again Liberal Tears. I changed the 1 million thing since it didn't materialize; it was a liberal prank. Anyway, analyzing the primaries is a great suggestion. Would you happen to have primary information in a readily accessible source? I will definitely take a look, and try to improve, the predictions for the Senate elections too when I have time. I'm closely following the Senate races and as we know they were very important for the Supreme Court. God Bless. NishantXavierFor Christ the King 00:31, 22 June 2020 (EDT)

For all primary election information this year, I recommend using this (browse to the bottom of the page for state by state), although I should note the only problem is that no hard number of votes are given for unopposed candidates. Also, about the Senate races, here are five quick "pop quiz"-style questions if you want to answer them for fun:
  1. Which Democrat-held seat is nearly guaranteed to flip?
  2. Why might John Hickenlooper lose the upcoming Democrat primary in vying to challenge Cory Gardner?
  3. Why is Steve Daines' seat vulnerable despite running for re-election in a solid red state?
  4. Who are the mainstream Democrats cheering on to challenge Mitch McConnell?
  5. Should current polling with low sample sizes be absolutely trusted? (Hint: they were wrong in 2016)
LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! 00:59, 22 June 2020 (EDT)

Thanks, Liberal Tears. I've completed 13 States and plan to do about 2-3 states daily. So I should be finished in another 12-18 days if I keep up to that; maybe by the end of the month. The polls are a little tricky for some of the reasons you mention. I think rally size in the state and "enthusiasm" of voters recorded in the polls may be better gauges. For e.g. there is a huge enthusiasm gap between Trump and Biden in some states. Anyway, I plan to have delegates for all 50 states awarded based on projections by Aug 3 so we have 3 months to see how it pans out. Arriving at final numbers for each state will be a little more difficult; but I will begin with adding 10% and then use some of the suggestions you mentioned as well. We'll see how that goes. That should be done by next month end. NishantXavierFor Christ the King 11:30, 8 July 2020 (EDT)

Okay, thank you NishantXavier! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! 12:23, 9 July 2020 (EDT)

Hello again Liberal Tears. Congratulations to you on all your hard work for Conservapedia, and for being promoted! You truly deserve it! I really pray for great things for Conservapedia in the years to come, that OUr Good Lord Jesus will use this Encyclopedia mightily for His Cause, to promote the Gospel and the Conservative worldview, throughout the world.

Anyway, just wanted to congratulate you, and to note that, since I also can now use the other time as well, I should be able to complete 5 states a day. So in about 5-6 days now (quite the increase from the 12-18 earlier!) I should be completing all 50 states, and then we can discuss further on the improvements you suggested and any change of delegates as well.

Hope all is well. In Jesus and Mary, Nishant Xavier. NishantXavierFor Christ the King 01:41, 10 July 2020 (EDT)

Thanks NishantXavier, and congratulations in regards to your promotion as well! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! 01:45, 10 July 2020 (EDT)

Thanks, Liberal Tears! Btw, I completed 30 states! So it looks like we're ahead of schedule. I should be able to do 40 tomorrow, and complete it the day after that. So we were thinking of Aug 3rd, but now it'll be done by July 13th. That's good. I wanted to ask your opinion on the Arizona poll. It sounds like good news. Do you think it suggests President Trump has a solid ground game in the state? Poll: https://d2pggiv3o55wnc.cloudfront.net/oann/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Arizona-OANN-June-28-2020-v3.pdf NishantXavierFor Christ the King 11:23, 11 July 2020 (EDT)

Hi NishantXavier, nice job on your work for the predictions! And thanks for reminding me about that Gravis/OANN poll, I'm thinking about potentially doing an essay on thoroughly analyzing it sometime. I've seen most of the data there, and I unfortunately have some high suspicions due to the low sample size, high margin of error at ±4.3%, and under-sampling of 2016 Hillary voters. However, I think there were several parts they probably got right; for one, the 2016 Gary Johnson voters may be more inclined to vote for Trump this year. Also, some interesting side notes:
  • if Republicans are doing this well with Asian voters, then no wonder the Democrats are panicking and resorting to desperate race-baiting tactics amidst the CCP pandemic, such as whining over jokes like "kung flu"
  • If McSally actually wins a majority of the black vote, it will become much harder for Kelly to win the general election
  • unlike what liberals are spewing in mocking the poll simply because they see "OANN", the latter group only paid for it to be conducted by Gravis Marketing
  • there is a chance that Sen. McSally may lose the Republican primary in early August because her opponent there is telling voters that she's somehow a swampy establishment "RINO"
LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! 11:51, 11 July 2020 (EDT)

Hi Liberal Tears, thanks for the feedback. As an Asian who has worked for American companies, I know many Indian-Americans who support Trump. "President Trump is incredibly grateful for the widespread support he has received from the people of India and from millions of Indian-Americans across the United States. https://www.wionews.com/world/donald-trump-is-grateful-for-indian-americans-support-white-house-309041 I think most Americans of whatever background are attracted by the proposition of Making America Great Again and not attracted by the opposition's policies.

I'm at 34 states now, hope to finish 40 by end of today. Can I ask, how is the Senate election predictions coming along? Are there 33 Senate seats up for election this year, if I recall right?

Also, another thing, I want to start a Project Page for Conservapedia's own "Project 100 Million" i.e. websites dedicated to winning 100 million souls for Christ over the next decade. Network 211, on which Conservapedia has reported, has one such plan. But we have had more page visits than they do! If they can do it, then we can and will too! NishantXavierFor Christ the King 05:14, 12 July 2020 (EDT)

With 50 state results, and 33 Senate seats, let's aim to get at least 80% correct results! We'll then have some 65 entries for Conservapedia proven right! Will be difficult, as that is a high target, but it can be done. Let's get to work and be motivated to complete this, rejoicing on election day when the race is over, and the results turn out well by God's Grace. NishantXavierFor Christ the King 05:34, 12 July 2020 (EDT)

Hi NishantXavier, I unfortunately will not be able to get to any updates on the Senate/House elections until I get out of the way some tedious work I currently have to be occupied with in my life. I already got one rather annoying part done, and there are two parts left that I need to finish. That's why for now, I have mostly worked on some other topics throughout CP here and also went on talk pages somewhat too much. I know that there's obviously the Senate election in Colorado that I need to update since it's now after the primary, as well as primaries for House elections in many states. If you have the time right now, do you suppose you could add updates for the unofficial Senate predictions page here? It's fine if you don't, it's just that right now hasn't been the best time for me to get to those. Also, about the number of Senate elections, there are 33 normal elections and two special elections (one in Arizona and one in Georgia). Thank you and God Bless! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! 11:35, 12 July 2020 (EDT)

Hi Liberal Tears. I've finished 46 out of 50 states. Trump is winning 325 to 188 XD. So that's awesome. I just have to complete a few others. 2 are liberal states. I'll complete them today or tomorrow. So we have ample time after that. I finished 4 or 5 of the Senate seats. Do you think we should try to predict the primary winner; I believe Susan Collins' opponent will be decided on 14th. For two others, I have. I'll have to think about this and decide whether to do so or not on this third later. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks and God Bless. NishantXavierFor Christ the King 00:24, 14 July 2020 (EDT)

So for Maine in the Democrat primary, the party establishment has hand-picked Sara Gideon, so she's most likely going to win by a large margin over the other candidates. When it comes to primaries for the Senate elections, it's important to remember that the two big ones to watch for are the ones for Alabama (which is tomorrow, and will decide whether Sessions or Tuberville is the nominee to face Doug Jones) and Arizona; for the latter, I made this relevant post here, which unforunately no one else responded to. Hope this helps, and God Bless! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! 00:52, 14 July 2020 (EDT

Right, LT. One other thing. Can you tell me how to add a user box, "this user has more than 500 edits. I tried adding yours, but I think it automatically took the number 2500 instead of 500. Does every 500 have a different userbox or will the same suffice? NishantXavierFor Christ the King 08:46, 14 July 2020 (EDT)

Sorry for not responding to this sooner. So with the way I used that userbox, you start with {{Userbox|. Then enter in the word for the color you want the left cell to be. So if you want a gray color like I did for the one on my user page, then add gray|, and you should now have {{Userbox|gray|. Next, specify the color you want for the right cell. Assuming that you want it to be white as I did for mine, it should now look like this: {{Userbox|gray|white|. Next, add in the text you want to appear on the left side, add another vertical bar (no space needed), and finally add in the text you want to appear on the right side. So it seems that you want your userbox to be {{Userbox|gray|white|500+|This user has made over 500 edits to [[Conservapedia]].}} Hope this helps NishantXavier! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! 14:31, 15 July 2020 (EDT)

Thanks, Liberal Tears. I added it as 750. Thanks for your help on all this. I also saw the improvements to the Senate election predictions page. Looks great. I'm almost done with the presidential election, just some finishing touches remain. Then we can really get down to analyzing both the mainstream media projection and arrive at Conservapedia's own projection for each state in the presidential and senate election races. NishantXavierFor Christ the King 17:40, 15 July 2020 (EDT)

Alright, awesome! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! 17:46, 15 July 2020 (EDT)

All 50 states done in presidential election! Please review and see if anything needs to be added. Senate elections are next. We should be done in 3 to 4 days for those as well. NishantXavierFor Christ the King 05:01, 16 July 2020 (EDT)

Alright, I just reviewed what you did for the presidential election predictions by state, and they seem great! I would note that Nevada and New Hampshire have a strong chance of favoring Trump this time around; Trump only barely lost New Hampshire in 2016, and with Republican Chris Sununu being the governor of the state and holding a high popularity there, that could potentially carry Trump over the finish line. —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! 10:43, 16 July 2020 (EDT)

Project 150 Million Souls for Christ the King in the next 10 to 15 years

Hi Liberal Tears. On Conservapedia, we now have a project: https://www.conservapedia.com/Conservapedia:150_Million_Souls_for_Christ_the_King dedicated to sharing our testimonies for Christ our King. We would like thousands of people to sign up on Conservapedia and share their testimony - it can be a brief testimony, however long or short; from a few sentences to several paragraphs - and it would be great if longstanding members could give their support to this project. Andy approved of the project and asked me to create the page, as I did. Could you help us? The Bible tells us the day is coming one day when every knee will bow and acknowledge Jesus as King. And Christ Our Lord also tells us that everyone who confesses Him before men, He Himself will confess before His Father in heaven, so that we will be saved, because Jesus our Advocate pleads for us. Kindly consider giving your testimony. Thank you. In Our Lord Jesus, Nishant X. NishantXavierFor Christ the King 07:20, 15 July 2020 (EDT)

Hi NishantXavier, I added my story here. —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! 12:23, 15 July 2020 (EDT)

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! Really, I'm so grateful to you, Liberal Tears, and I'm sure Our Lord Jesus is as well. May Our Good Lord amply and richly reward you for your courageous testimony for Him, with every abundant blessing in this life, and with life everlasting in the world to come in eternity. God Bless you. NishantXavierFor Christ the King 17:42, 15 July 2020 (EDT)

You're welcome, and God Bless! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! 17:46, 15 July 2020 (EDT)


Thanks for reverting the latest string of rubbish. I was again distracted, and slow on the draw. --DavidB4 (TALK) 17:53, 20 May 2020 (EDT)

Yep, no problem! I just went one by one, clicked on the "View history" for all the vandalized pages, found the revisions just prior to being vandalized by the troll, and simply published those. --LiberaltearsJust say no to quid pro joe! | Free Roger Stone! 18:10, 20 May 2020 (EDT)

That Catholic vs Protestant argument on the talk pages is OVER

All discussions have been properly moved to the [debate page]. The discussion has calmed down and become more orderly. You're the one who keeps picking at scabs. I stopped talking about getting night editing rights when Andy finally responded, you're the one who keeps bringing it up, let it go already. Stop playing the victim, the Catholics have done just as much pushing and have been just as argumentative, and so have you, stop playing innocent. Shobson20 (talk) 16:47, 23 July 2020 (EDT)

Dataclarifier does a kamikaze dive

Jesus said, Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. DC thinks it's Peter. So, no. Knowledge and understanding are still two different things. RobSTrump 2Q2Q 01:24, 6 August 2020 (EDT)

Are you still going to try rebuking Dataclarifier? Your harshness towards him at times probably didn't do much good, and I can't help but wonder if you ever used the same sleazy strawman tactics against him as you did towards me. Now there's a possibility he may never come back, and I may as well just be sad, lonely, and depressed for the rest of my life.
And here's something I don't believe I've ever fully mentioned before: I stumbled upon this site around over a year ago, thought it was really cool, and wanted to participate. Then fast forward to when 1990'sguy pretty much left early this year, and I thought that I ought to try editing much more where I could. As I did more and more, I realized that this was the best thing giving me a sense of meaning in a life I was getting more and more miserable in. After trying to understand the disputes between you and Dataclarifier, I felt that he might've been treated unfairly and harshly, especially noticing your harshness at times. After NishantXavier was engaging in discussions, especially after he posted a link on his user page to a OnePeterFive webpage, I saw the increasing contempt some editors here had for him over strongly Catholic viewpoints. And after going through a pathetic while in the past few weeks, I hope everyone else is satisfied; I'm certainly not. I'll still stay on this site to contribute good content, but I'll be more inclined to just be a sad and bitter guy from now on. I've dealt with more nonsense than I could handle at all over the past few years, and I'm now probably hitting a long-term low point in life. If you profess to be a Christian, then I hope you can try to understand some of my problems; not many in my life were sympathetic, unfortunately. —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Thursday, 01:44, 6 August 2020 (EDT)
Oh, and just in case, please don't issue a block over this. I'm now always becoming apprehensive on whether I'll get blocked or not over certain comments some assistant sysops may not like. —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Thursday, 01:50, 6 August 2020 (EDT)
My harshness? Everytime I cited the Bible, he told me I'm going to hell. Get your facts straight. RobSTrump 2Q2Q 11:04, 6 August 2020 (EDT)
I think you have trouble with the English language. You have made the claim, no less than 4 or 5 times, that people "selectively" use the Bible to condemn pedophilia. If there is support for pedophilia within the Bible, I think you need to ante up those scriptures, or just plain shut up and stop making stupid, spurious accusations. RobSTrump 2Q2Q 11:10, 6 August 2020 (EDT)
Alright, I should've specified when you were harsh (asides from disputes with Dataclarifier). I remember one time you threatened to delete one of Progressingamerica's pages (finding the exact diff will be hard, since it was a few months ago), calling it "bull" and something along the lines of commie propaganda. And there was this time as well when you initially marked one of my pages for a speedy deletion before I explained my points clearly. Can you please quit being extremely uncivil and using strawman attacks? As I've said, I might be hitting a long-term low point in life, and the last thing I need to read on my mail page is a repetition of the same smear you used. Since you profess to be a Christian, I'm puzzled (or perhaps maybe not) at your choosing of engaging in attacks over showing the type of compassion that God would want to see more of in this world. It's frankly sad to see so many editors here throw me under the bus for defending myself against lies; I don't know if I should even be surprised or not, as so many have betrayed me in my life. —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Thursday, 11:50, 6 August 2020 (EDT)
Well, duh. Are your criticizing negotiation and consultation now? Do prefer unilateral action without consultation? Posting comments and consulting with others is kinda how the process works, sheesh.
As you reach this low point, remember, the Lord is nigh unto them who are of a broken heart (Ps 34:18). A broken heart thou wilt not despise (Psalm 51:17, easy to remember 17x3=51). God has guaranteed he will not reject us when everyone else has. It is our pride - original sin - that inhibits repentance. This is the problem with Roman Catholic doctrine, it teaches your pride was washed away with infant baptism. I know, I've been there. Me and all my brothers, as well. RobSTrump 2Q2Q 11:54, 6 August 2020 (EDT)
God didn't reject me before? Prior to this month, here's basically what happened in my life: I had tedious nonsense to deal with, and was really losing my long-term patience. Every time I just wanted to take a real break, it felt like I was getting cursed with short-term bad luck (like accidentally knocking down my pencil sharpener and creating a mess on the floor); it seemed to me as if I was supposed to just "gag and get it done" when I could barely think straight. The reason I would lose my long-term patience was because, growing up, I had always maintained some sense of objective-based integrity, and that was really tested in middle school as well as early high school. If you didn't grow up in an era filled with profanity and pornography glamorized as part of "maturity", then consider yourself much, much more luckier than I was. After losing good friends from elementary school because of how out-of-touch and nasty they got and seeing what had happened to peers as they became more cold-hearted and deceptive really had broke me on the inside. Realizing the self-recognizable nature of objective morality and that it comes to people's minds as they move from barbaric animal instincts to rational, civilized thinking was what eventually brought me from atheism to Christianity, but there's still a long way. And while some things in my life may strongly point towards it, I don't know how much God has done to reach out towards me. Too many times I've felt all alone, too many times being only able to rely on what I can salvage of the last bit of courage left in myself. I'm sorry if I sound selfish saying all this, given so many in the world who live far worse than I do. —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Thursday, 12:19, 6 August 2020 (EDT)
You need to stand on the rock of Christ. God says, Behold, there is a place by me, and thou shalt stand upon a rock. That was DC's problem, he insisted the rock was a man - Peter, not Jesus Christ. God is not the author of confusion. He has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, love, and a sound mind. RobSTrump 2Q2Q 12:58, 6 August 2020 (EDT)

You are invited to continue our sharing the Gospel of Salvation

Dataclarifier evidently found our discussion a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense (1 Peter 2:8) and removed it. [1] We can continue it here if you like. User_talk:RobSmith#The_Gospel_of_Salvation. RobSTrump 2Q2Q 15:16, 8 August 2020 (EDT)


Hi, in response to earlier, I can only say that I don't know exactly how it works. For the most part, it just does. There may be some specific way in which it goes, but it has not been clearly disclosed in any detail. So all I can say is that it generally works itself out eventually. Once in awhile though, the process seems to just stop for some. I can't say why for sure, although typically I have my suspicions for each case. I don't think timing has much to do with it, but perhaps a little in some cases. --DavidB4 (TALK) 16:25, 26 August 2020 (EDT)

Thank you for replying, DavidB4! It just seems to me that some are vastly luckier than others, which ends up being a disappointment for those who work hard but aren't noticed as much. —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Wednesday, 16:55, 26 August 2020 (EDT)

Dataclarifier update: new Debate page

Evening "LT" (sounds like military casual nickname for "lieutenant"!). Thanks for your prayers. I just set up another Debate page for others to participate in. For myself and IndependentSkeptic, we just don't have the energy any more. Just take a look at it, but don't get involved unless you really feel you should. We feel we shouldn't be obligating our friends in any way–it's just not fair. The title of the debate already implies the only possible answer.

Peace be with you. We are well, just feeling old. I still lift light dumbbells for exercise. My mother is 93 and amazingly alert. She says, "Just don't say that "O" word. ("Old"). Stay safe buddy. --Dataclarifier (talk) 22:33, 26 August 2020 (EDT)

Thank you Dataclarifier! Since I don't want to lose contact with you, do you you suppose you can email NishantXavier for now, and once I get a good chance to email him, I can get in direct contact with you? This way, you don't need to publicly post your email anywhere or register it here if you don't want to, as he has posted his email information here and here. God Bless, it's great to hear you guys are doing well, and thank you for posting here! Also, I'm really honored to hear that my nickname almost sounds like a military ranking position! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Thursday, 22:51, 26 August 2020 (EDT)
10-4 LT. We'll just post here.
By the way, already got a hot response on the Debate page and its Talk page. Do you know why some metal wires get hotter than others? Resistance. John 3:19-21. The truth can really burn. Peace be with you. Amen. --Dataclarifier (talk) 23:00, 26 August 2020 (EDT)
Great to hear about that debate page! And can you please consider my proposal on emailing NishantXavier for now? If there's a way to contact you privately, then we can keep in touch if you decide to permanently leave CP anytime soon. I really ask you consider it, as I'd hate to ever be left alone not knowing how you, your mother, and IndependentSkeptic are doing. There's just something about you and your contributions here that leaves a special mark inside me that I can't forget and always think about, and it would be very sad if I one day lose all means of talking to you. —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Thursday, 23:17, 26 August 2020 (EDT)
It's the Holy Spirit Himself using me in my contributions, the effect of the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation by the laying on of the hands of the Bishop representing the whole Body of Christ Himself that makes the mark inside you. Not I but Christ in me.
Loneliness Prescription Rx: Pray the recommended prayers of the Church to God the Holy Spirit, especially "O God, Who by the light of Thy Holy Spirit didst instruct the hearts of Thy faithful people, grant that we may be truly wise and ever rejoice in His consolations and power, through Christ Our Lord. Send forth Thy Spirit and they shall be created, and Thou shalt renew the face of the earth." Or this one: "Lord, please console me." Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church daily, Knowing Jesus is by your side as you read in the very room with you lovingly watching you read it, until you've read it cover to cover seven times. Attend daily Mass, in person, or online EWTN live 0700, 1100, 1800, or 2300 hrs CST/CDT. Open the Bible and read one whole book of the scriptures simply because it is holy, or if it's long, one-third or one half of one. But before you do any reading, get quiet, close your eyes and ask Jesus to be present to you, and let him touch your soul. "O Jesus, as I cannot now receive Thee in holy Communion, I beg You to come spiritually into my heart, and make it your own forever. Never, never let me ever be parted from you, my Lord and my God. I love you, my Jesus." Finally, if the nearest Catholic Church to you offers Adoration, go and kneel in silent adoration (wearing a protective mask). I suggest beginning with the prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas, whispered quietly or mouthed in silence (mentally only)
O Godhead here in hiding / Whom I do adore / masked by these bare shadows / shape and nothing more / See, O see before You / here lies low a heart / lost, all lost in wonder / at the God thou art / Seeing, touching, tasting / are in Thee deceived / What says trusty hearing / That shall be believed / What God's Son says truly / take for truth I do / Truth Himself speaks truly / or there's nothing true !
Also at least one Hail Mary, said thoughtfully, from the heart, not recited, but addressed directly to her about every 3 hours, and once before bed and once upon rising.
Peace be with you and all whom you love and care about. Semper fidelis ! --Dataclarifier (talk) 00:02, 27 August 2020 (EDT)
Thank you very much for the advice if I go to a Catholic church anytime soon, but can you please answer regarding about possibly using email as a means for contact in the long run? I haven't got a complete answer on that, and it's really important to at least know how you're doing from time to time. God Bless, and thank you for wishing me well, as always! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Thursday, 00:08, 27 August 2020 (EDT)
We won't be using email. We've had lots of trouble from junk mail and simply delete it, some days up to 500 emails you wouldn't believe. So I guess you'll have to be content for now that you can post something either at my talk page or on Dataclarifier's, since we're in the same house, and we will get back to you here on your own talk page. God bless. --IndependentSkeptic (talk) 09:24, 27 August 2020 (EDT)
Ah, I see what you mean about junk mail and excessive spam that piles up. If you'd prefer I talk to you and D.C. for now on your talk pages, then I suppose that's the best (and only) idea for now. God Bless! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Thursday, 10:34, 27 August 2020 (EDT)
Dataclarifier just now blanked his talk page as promised at the end of the week. He'll check it once a month for any messages that might be left there.
After posting this message to you here, I will do the same on my talk page if it's not already blank, and I'll check it end of every month.
Regarding your offer above, we would both prefer you post your communications to us on my talk page.
May your own sweet and powerful guardian angel and the Holy Spirit of Almighty God and His Son give you healing and peace and consolation through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Our Lord and God. Amen. --IndependentSkeptic (talk) 19:08, 29 August 2020 (EDT)
Thank you IndependentSkeptic, and God Bless! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Saturday, 19:11, 29 August 2020 (EDT)

Re M.A. Mendoza

Hi there.

I, like many other God fearing conservatives were disappointed and surprised with Mendoza, yet, I wanted to show the bias on Wikipedia. Nishidani who wrote the same silly stuff, is a 14 years veteran on Wikipedia. It seems. I'm going to remove the content from Ann Mary Mendoza, if you feel it isn't neccessary. If you reconsider, please let me know. God bless.LaMarina (talk) 18:00, 28 August 2020 (EDT)

Hi LaMarina, I made a reply to this message on your talk page. —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Friday, 18:06, 28 August 2020 (EDT)

Your proposed posting to an alternative Catholic-oriented site

Liberaltears, the site recommended by you as one that "seems [to you] a more Catholic-oriented alternative to Conservapedia" opposes Catholic doctrine regarding the Pope, the Magisterium, and the authority of the Ecumenical Councils of Trent through Vatican II. As for feeling that "debating other editors here" gets "nowhere", you totally miss the fact that a firm defense of the truth of the doctrine of the Church on Conservapedia is not for the purpose "winning" a debate or getting people ignorant of the actual doctrine to admit they were in error (perhaps misinformed by others who did not really know what they were talking about, or perhaps reaching erroneous conclusions on their own based on a badly uninformed reading of the Bible without knowledge of what the original language texts really say by not knowing that some words are not metaphors but only literal in meaning—like trogon in John 6 "eat, chew, gnaw, crunch my flesh"). Conservapedia "welcomes all points of view" officially, but too often some of the Sysops/administrators are hostile even to the point of violating Conservapedia standards in order to ridicule, insult, and drive the Catholic contributors away by a vigorous vendetta against Catholicism, by using insults and outrageous misrepresentations based on Confirmation bias, making Conservapedia more and more Protestant than it was ten years ago (according to Dataclarifier—he says it was more friendly then). Occasionally postings and contributions have been utterly deleted as being intolerable spamming with "irrelevant Catholic garbage". But most of the time not, just being treated with bullying contempt and hostility instead. "Catholics not wanted" is the hidden message. And it's pervasive. Much of what Dataclarifier has contributed has survived almost intact. My own brief contribution to some of the articles on the popes, and what I did adapting the Harmony of the Gospel conservative version to audio read aloud, has apparently been left untouched. So, if what I've edited or contributed to Conservapedia does in fact convince anyone that the actual Catholic doctrine of the Catechism is from the guidance of the Holy Spirit working through them leading into all the truth, that is the work of the Holy Spirit. Dataclarifier says he was too zealous for the Church when he first entered, and that Father Nelo Leto asked him, "Were you talking with anyone when you decided to become Catholic?" and he said, "No." And Father Leto said, "Then why don't you let the Spirit do his work? I don't really think He needs your help."
So, whether or not it "gets nowhere" is moot, because after I finish up with the Debate on whether the gates of hell prevailed against the church Jesus founded or not, both Dataclarifier and me will retire from Conservapedia for the most part. He didn't want to "butt heads" with anti-Catholics on that Debate page but just wanted to see what would happen. When I looked at it I couldn't stand the fact that no one was defending the Church and the "No, it hasn't happened" section was empty. As I said, he didn't want to participate, but I sure did! And so it's reached a point where there's no point to it. Conservative wanted Debate pages to be organized with straightforward "Yes" and "No" sections, each one presenting a particular side of the the Debate and leaving it at that. But it got bogged down and obscured by constant interruptions of inserted opposing comments and insults and scriptures cited again and again and contradictions with scriptures cited in opposition to other scriptures again and again and each side denounced by the other as posting "irrelevant spam intended to obscure the purpose of the debate and deflect it into other issues not relevant to the stated topic of the debate in violation of the rules of the debate" (whew, that's a mouthful).
OK that brings us to today. I will go ahead this afternoon with what I recommended ("24 hours after making the Recommendation) and revise the layout of the Debate page,
  • getting rid of unnecessary repetitious "spam" and disruptive insertions into contributing users' arguments that chopped them up by cutting and interrupting their text at multiple places above the contributing user's signature line and essentially obscuring the point being made,
  • and moving comments "yay" to the now named "Protagonist" section, and comments "nay" to the now-named "Antagonist" section of the Debate. That should streamline the whole page.
If it's promptly reverted afterward I won't be at all surprised, even if the revised layout is according to the form Conservative insisted should be maintained for a debate page. If it is, I won't stick around to contest it. A reversion would only prove that revision of the page into the form of a fair debate clearly stated without obscuring the topic is unacceptable to someone.
Nuff said! (too much!) --IndependentSkeptic (talk) 15:11, 31 August 2020 (EDT)
Oh, alright then. —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Monday, 16:09, 31 August 2020 (EDT)

Update: hospitalization

This morning Dataclarifier's mother was admitted to Mercy Hospital because of severe nausea and weakness and lightheadedness near to fainting and almost passing out beginning 3 AM. When asked if she needed to go to the ER, she finally decided to have the EMT's called. She was admitted 6:30 AM for 2-days' observation. No visitors. Phone calls allowed once a day. We'll keep in touch with her nurse by phone, and her as well. When she's released, we'll bring her home. Would appreciate your prayers. Meanwhile, stay safe. Look at my last entry my Talk page ["Frequent purging of junk this page"]. God bless. --IndependentSkeptic (talk) 10:54, 2 September 2020 (EDT)
Just got a call from the doctor on staff. Her CAT scan showed nothing obviously wrong. All her lab work showed nothing seriously wrong. Thank God! They're going to keep her under observation to see if any cause was overlooked. She wasn't in any pain during all this. Just frightened by what happened. --IndependentSkeptic (talk) 11:12, 2 September 2020 (EDT)

Sorry to hear about what had happened to D.C.'s mother. I'll definitely send my prayers today; given the seriousness of what initially was going on, I genuinely apologize for not seeing this message sooner. Thank you for telling me, and may the Lord protect her! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Wednesday, 14:49, 2 September 2020 (EDT)

Update: home from hospital

D.C.'s mother discharged about 1:50 PM. Diagnosis inner-ear disorder. The small stones inside the cochlea that change position with movement to stimulate the "hairs" inside the inner ear for orientation of balance were not functioning properly, causing dizziness and nausea. She's had a history of motion-sickness in darkened movie-theaters and during airflight. This is worse in its effect. But it's not life-threatening, unless she falls. Prescription for alleviation of the symptom. We brought her home. Meanwhile will check my talk page once a day after dealing with our emails at home computer. God Bless. --IndependentSkeptic (talk) 16:38, 3 September 2020 (EDT)

Well, it's good to hear that she's been discharged from the hospital, and I'm sorry if she isn't all well yet. I'll continue sending my prayers, and I wish her the best! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Thursday, 16:45, 3 September 2020 (EDT)
The three of us thank you together. God bless. May God be with you. Pax vobiscum. --IndependentSkeptic (talk) 23:19, 3 September 2020 (EDT) Mrs. Mullin, and Dataclarifier.
You're welcome! And how's D.C.'s mother doing at the very moment? —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Friday, 23:32, 3 September 2020 (EDT)
Dataclarifier recommends you add the following link (with audio) to your "Favorites" file so you can pray with the whole Church in worship of God at night, before dawn, morning, at midday, and in the evening before or after sunset. https://divineoffice.org/ —God Bless. Good night. --IndependentSkeptic (talk) 01:13, 4 September 2020 (EDT)
Okay, thank you for replying, IndependentSkeptic! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Friday, 01:17, 4 September 2020 (EDT)

Political Cartoons

Not gonna lie, you're pretty much a role model to me. May we collaborate to expand the political cartoon page? There is a lot of great potential there, such as Garrison, Ramirez and the McCoys. I also think it'd fit your name pretty perfectly.--LawfulLibertarian (talk) 23:10, 1 September 2020 (EDT)

I'm honored to hear that! About expanding the political cartoon page, that sounds like a great idea; do you want to start off with it, then maybe I can add on to the article in your preferred style? —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Wednesday, 23:15, 1 September 2020 (EDT)
I've collected what I believe to be the best of the best over quite some time. I would like for you to give whatever your discretion sees fit, be it commentary and especially formatting, as I yield to your seniority. Are more private communications allowed here, or shall I simply post the compilation right here?--LawfulLibertarian (talk) 23:22, 1 September 2020 (EDT)
The whole thing, admittedly going back a while. Or not, sorry.

https://imgur.com/a/CGdgKXM --LawfulLibertarian (talk) 23:26, 1 September 2020 (EDT)

Is that link correct? I clicked on it, but only saw a blank screen. —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Wednesday, 23:47, 1 September 2020 (EDT)
There's a thunderstorm going on where I am. My ability to edit this is a small miracle. That link should've led to 5/43 comics I intended to upload.--LawfulLibertarian (talk) 23:50, 1 September 2020 (EDT)
Is the content in the link only accessible from a private account or can it be seen by anyone publicly? Also, about uploading (correct me if I'm wrong), are you referring to uploading them as files to CP here? —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Wednesday, 23:55, 1 September 2020 (EDT)
It's public, and keeps failing after five or so, regardless of my order. I don't know how to upload pictures to CP directly- that would certainly help.

This should finally work. https://imgur.com/a/dyaECV0LawfulLibertarian (talk) 00:05, 2 September 2020 (EDT)

Hmm, I'm still getting a blank screen when opening the link. By the way, about uploading images to CP, that requires either the "Upload" or "Administrator" tag; the good news is that I was very fortunate to be promoted to "Upload" abilities by Andy today, so if you ever want any work of yours to be uploaded here, I'll likely be able to do it. —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Wednesday, 00:19, 2 September 2020 (EDT)
That's pretty great for you! That link actually does work- I tried Ctrl+F5 (force-reloading) a few times, and yeah, it's there. I have no artistic works of my own to upload, but I shall remember the offer. If I have to submit pictures to upload to the site individually, how do I?--LawfulLibertarian (talk) 00:29, 2 September 2020 (EDT)
Thank you! About the link, I did try force-reloading with Ctrl+F5 a couple times, but it didn't work, and I'll try again sometime else. And about submitting images to upload, I believe you're looking for Conservapedia:Image upload requests (CP:IUR). Also, I need to head to sleep right now, and I'll likely be back in around six to seven hours. —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Wednesday, 00:45, 2 September 2020 (EDT)

hey liberaltears! I saw you updating the leftist violence in the Trump era page! I love it! I'm currently working on a project to catalog all of the instances of black lives matter protests turning violent throughout the summer. I want to combat that fake report that 93% of protests are peaceful

anyway I was wondering if you would already have any of this cataloged or if you'd be interested in helping? I'm also working on a political violence map but right now I want to catalog every instance of black lives matter violence to see what the true percentage is..

lemme know! —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mikephshdj (talk)

Since I'm listing BLM violence in this page, it's technically cataloged with other specific topics. It's important to note that when getting the information, I mainly use the Gateway Pundit since they report on incidents very quickly, though I do also use Breitbart and Townhall; this means that I'm likely to catch up on most news but maybe not all. —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier's mother be all well! Sunday, 21:53, 5 September 2020 (EDT)

I saw your edit my talk page

We are all right. I donated some of my dumbbell free weights to the Boys and Girls Club of America here in Des Moines 30# to 60#, and kept the 3# through 25# weights and my incline-decline exercise bench with leg curl and extension attachment with plates. The representative was delighted!

I read your edit and ignored RobSmith's posting, and then deleted the page content, as I said I would. Peace be with you. --Dataclarifier (talk) 14:12, 10 September 2020 (EDT)

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for replying on my user mail page here, Dataclarifier! It's great to hear that you guys are alright, and I was worried for a little while that you and I.S. may have permanently left already. God Bless! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier's mother be all well! Thursday, 14:27, 10 September 2020 (EDT)

Addendum: I posted the following on the Debate Talk page Have the gates of hell...

A story is told about St. Francis of Assisi. There was, during St. Francis’ time, a priest who was a scandal to his parish. He was living with a woman in sin and nothing could convince the wayward priest to change his ways. He tried to change, but the sinful habit of sex outside of marriage had a strangle hold on the priest. The parish decided to take action so one night they went to the priest’s house carrying torches and clubs ...they would convince the priest to change his ways one way or another. After pounding on the door, the wayward priest appeared and St. Francis stepped forward to confront him. Both the priest and the mob thought that Francis would verbally chastise him but, to the surprise of all, the holy St. Francis fell to his knees before the fallen priest. Francis took the priest’s hands and kissed them...“Sinner or no.” Francis said, “I kiss the hands of this man whom God has gifted with the power to change bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ...The hands of the one who has the power to forgive sins in God’s name.” The wayward priest fell to his knees too and began to sob uncontrollably. The scandalous priest there, kneeling with the saint, repented of his sins and turned his life back over to Christ. The priest who had believed he was defeated by his sexually scandalous life, found victory that night. The parish that had given up on the wayward pastor and wanted vengeance found victory too as they witnessed Christ’s mercy melt the heart of a hardened sinner. --Dataclarifier (talk) 14:12, 10 September 2020 (EDT)

In case you're wondering about the woman, I added on the Debate Talk page what Paul Harvey calls "the rest of the story":

When the woman herself saw that "the parish that had given up on the wayward pastor and wanted vengeance found victory too as they witnessed Christ’s mercy melt the heart of a hardened sinner", her heart too was stricken and melted along with the parishioners, and she fell down and repented, and confessed that she had seduced the priest, and she received absolution, and from that moment in sorrow for her sins turned her life over to Christ and lived apart, dedicating herself to a life of poverty and prayer for sinners in penance and fasting and chastity in reparation to Christ for her sins. The Poor Clares ministered to her needs along with some of the parishioners of the town.

I'll get back in a month or so. Pax vobis. --Dataclarifier (talk) 20:25, 10 September 2020 (EDT)

Interesting story. Thank you for sharing, and God Bless! —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier's mother be all well! Friday, 21:10, 10 September 2020 (EDT)

Section for I.S. to post updates

IndependentSkeptic, if you see this, the following space below the line is for you to post updates on how you, D.C., and his mother are doing. Thank you very much! —LiberaltearsMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Saturday, 12:55, 12 September 2020 (EDT)

You said on my talk page "see here". I C U C We C. "All hands! Now see this! That is all."
I'll now go back and delete my Talk page content. House is asleep. God Bless.--IndependentSkeptic (talk) 13:04, 12 September 2020 (EDT)
Oh, by the way, look at the Debate Talk page at the bottom [Debate: Have the gates of hell...] warning about RobSmith's lies.
--IndependentSkeptic (talk) 13:05, 12 September 2020 (EDT)

Whoops, sorry for the late reply. Also, I saw your warning on the debate talk page, and I'm aware of what you mean. —LiberaltearsMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Saturday, 18:07, 12 September 2020 (EDT)


There. I think I got all the ones that needed cropping. RobSLive Free or Die 02:07, 7 June 2020 (EDT)

Edit warring

There proper place to discuss the serious problems with this paragraph is on talk. RobSTrump 2Q2Q 11:18, 20 July 2020 (EDT)

Give me one scripture that selectively supports pedophilia, as you allege? RobSTrump 2Q2Q 11:21, 20 July 2020 (EDT)

You owe me an apology

  • Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.

I covered the sin of pedophile priests, and you lied about me. RobSTrump 2Q2Q 00:04, 21 July 2020 (EDT)

There you go lying again

I didn't attack Nishant; I attacked the CBP and praised Dataclarifier for steering clear of it. RobSTrump 2Q2Q 15:07, 23 July 2020 (EDT)

You should read up a bit on Flame wars before starting another one. Here's a good primer better than Wikipedia's page on it. RobSTrump 2Q2Q 15:16, 23 July 2020 (EDT)


There has to be two separate Templates:

The Redirect screwed up formatting on hundreds, if not thousands of pages. I think I fixed it all by creating the floating Temp and revert to the original quotebox.

I left the two unlocked for editing by autoconfirmed users for tweaking. RobSFree Kyle! 15:31, 5 September 2020 (EDT)‎

Re: Checkmate atheist

You wrote: "So you concede? Checkmate atheist! LTMay Dataclarifier be well! 20:05, 10 September 2020 (UTC)"

Olé! Olé! Olé!

I smiled when I saw this post of yours to RW admin Ace McWicked. I give it 3 Olés! Olé! Olé! Olé!

When it comes to Christianity vs. atheism debate, Ace McWicked couldn't debate his way out of a wet paper bag. And the this is due to the fact that atheism has no proof, evidence or logic behind it (see: Atheist apologetics and Atheism and logic and Rebuttals to atheist arguments).

Atheists have a very poor track record when it comes to being effective at debating - especially against Christians. See: Atheism debates and Atheism vs. Christianity debates.

Today, I created this article: Atheist Samuel Porter Putnam vs. Baptist J.N. Hall debate.

By the way, I added some material to the Irreligion/religion and war article which will put another bee under RW editor ShabiDOO's bonnet. Like most atheists, RW editor ShabiDOO's knowledge of history is pretty poor (see also: Atheists and historical illiteracy and Atheism and historical revisionism). Perhaps, ShabiDOO was educated in one of America's failing public schools.[2]Conservative (talk) 06:40, 13 September 2020 (EDT)

I was getting somewhat bored that day, and posted the comment there just for humor. Also, you're right about atheism having no proof for it.
LiberaltearsMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Sunday, 11:29, 13 September 2020 (EDT)
It's easy to get bored during a pandemic. Many people have "cabin fever". I went through a stage of this, but I decided to set some goals and fill my life with activities to achieve those goals. And to get over the cabin fever, I will take walks in scenic areas.
I am trying to find a church that is meeting outdoors, but I live in a fairly non-innovative area so that might be hard! The "We have never done it that way" attitude is widespread in my area.Wikignome72 (talk) 17:39, 13 September 2020 (EDT)
Hmm, interesting. Do you live in a state run by a Democrat or totalitarian Republican governor?
LiberaltearsMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be ll well! Sunday, 18:26, 13 September 2020 (EDT)


RationalWiki seems to be winning over us, they have an extremely long page about us, but we don't even have a page about them! - User:Punish China

From my understanding, CP had a policy for a while against giving them free publicity, since their website was originally created to mock what we do.
LiberaltearsMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Sunday, 14:53, 20 September 2020 (EDT)

But I think we may need a page for them, not mocking them, but exposing them, who is willing to make such a page? -User:Punish China

If you want to create the page, you'll have to request an administrator remove the protection for it, as the title has been locked by Wikignome72.
LiberaltearsMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Sunday, 15:05, 20 September 2020 (EDT)
By the way, I think the reason you were blocked was because you inserted the word "R*******Wiki", which you shouldn't directly mention on this site most of the time.
LiberaltearsMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Sunday, 15:08, 20 September 2020 (EDT)
According to Alexa, CP is gaining on RW rapidly for its U.S. ranking. CP was 50,000 a month ago; today's its at 14,000. RW was at 13,000 a month ago, today is at 12,000. RobSFree Kyle! 16:56, 20 September 2020 (EDT)

Great, is RationalWiki a curse word like f**k, a*s, s**t, or p**n??? I feel like it is, since you use the * symbol. Also, we should make a page about them that begins like: RationalWiki is a encyclopedia, unlike Wikipedia who criticizes to conservatives, RationalWiki mocks them instead. They also attempt to connect conservatives with Nazis and liberals with clean science. - User:Punish China

It's better to avoid directly mentioning that term on this site, as doing so will just give them unnecessary publicity when this is meant as an educational encyclopedia.
LiberaltearsMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Monday, 14:50, 21 September 2020 (EDT)


I didn't know you can't insert the word "R******lWiki" here. How can that be? I don't really understand it😞😞😞 —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Punish China (talk)

Regarding the general policy surrounding that, an administrator like Andy or Karajou can give more details on it.
LiberaltearsMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Sunday, 15:19, 20 September 2020 (EDT)
We're building an educational encyclopedia here. Thanks.--Andy Schlafly (talk) 16:51, 20 September 2020 (EDT)

I will just call RationalWiki "RadicalWiki" from now on. - User:Punish China

NBA and Black Lives Matter

Obviously, these two are connected. Can you or anyone put this, because I'm afraid I will mess it up (don't worry; I will edit it, such as fixing grammar errors or adding new, sourced data). Template:Unsignedf

Suggestion: Write up a paragraph or two (a paragraph can be two or three sentences) with one or two credible cites you wish to use, put it on the Talk page at BLM, and we can find placement for it within the article. It can be expanded and improved from there. RobSFree Kyle! 17:08, 20 September 2020 (EDT)

But can you put it, I feel like your version may be better than mine! Put the square of NBA BLM BIDEN and COMMUNISM, someone please.

Quick note

You probably want to avoid discussing CP business with other CP editors at RW cause it just gives them one more thing to accuse you of that you may have to defend yourself against. You can email me in the future if you have problems accessing this site. RobSFree Kyle! 20:38, 24 September 2020 (EDT)

For example, I've been infinitely blocked 3 times in the past 3 days, although I can unblock myself.They probably just want a heads up that I'm coming, so they can monitor my posting. If I say something inappropriate it can be rv'd right away. Like the other day, somebody was looking for a physician who does tranny operations and I suggested prayer. That didn't go over well. So we learn from our mistakes. RobSFree Kyle! 20:50, 24 September 2020 (EDT)
See what I mean [3] RobSFree Kyle! 20:00, 26 September 2020 (EDT)
Both those blocks were by Moderators in a relatively short span of time, so you can't just ignore the warning. RobSFree Kyle! 20:05, 26 September 2020 (EDT)

re: server issues

Hi LiberalTears,
FYI, I have been seeing issues like this too...they prevented me from replying to you on the Community Portal sooner. It is a known problem from an external source, and I'm sure it will get worked out. There are people who would like us to be removed from the web, but that's not how the Internet was designed to work. --DavidB4 (TALK) 22:45, 24 September 2020 (EDT)

By the way, the hide/delete revisions function still isn't working for me. I guess maybe I need a higher permission level. --DavidB4 (TALK) 23:38, 24 September 2020 (EDT)
I think the two methods you mentioned are indeed different. I get a script (not permission) error when I try either one. However, I do get a permission error when trying to access that log. --DavidB4 (TALK) 02:38, 25 September 2020 (EDT)
I got your note. The email service you mentioned is not my favorite due to their data/privacy practices, but it will work. I prefer services like ProtonMail and Tutinota, since they respect their users privacy, but others will work. They can only sell the data you give them.
Some things can't be easily discussed without email. --DavidB4 (TALK) 13:56, 26 September 2020 (EDT)

Upload rights

I would like to request upload rights, since I am really trying to get the flagicons from Wikipedia from Conservapedia, to show the small flag icons, like {{USA}} or {{CHN}}. I have one more step, and that is uploading flags, but I can't do it, since it says "You do not have permission to upload this file, for the following reason:

The action you have requested is limited to users in one of the groups: Administrators, Upload.".

Another reason is I am making my own sandbox here: https://www.conservapedia.com/User:Punish_China/GDP_(PPP)_milestones_by_countries. I really need the flagicon to show the flags, but it says to upload the .svg files. I have the files, but I can't upload them, since it says I need upload rights. I would appreciate if I get upload rights. Thanks, and have a good day! - User:Punish China

Hi Punish China, regarding "Upload" rights, they're usually granted to editors who've been on CP for a while and have made at least a few thousand edits. If you want the pictures uploaded to Conservapedia, I might be able to upload the files once I can log in to my normal account, as this is a temporary sock account. Also, please don't copy/paste from Wikipedia, even if they're templates. TemporarysockofLT (talk) 17:06, 27 September 2020 (EDT)

I am just trying to improve the template, since I will put it in Wikipedia, when my IP is unblocked. My IP was blocked because I was not a liberal. I don't have any plagiarism intention, I am just trying to, as I said, make the economy (GDP milestones) into long-term up to 2060, which Wikipedia doesn't have, and put it there when my IP was unblocked. And, another reason is that it is in my own sandbox. Thanks! - User:Punish China

What happens if a nuclear war or pandemic hits? It would kina throw you projects off, maybe? RobSFree Kyle! 20:30, 30 September 2020 (EDT)

Trump Tests Positive for the Chinese COVID-19, Biden, Media, and Xi Mocks Him!!!

Why Is the WP, both Wikipedia and the Washington Post, Twitter, the NYT, the CNN, the MSNBC, and the Mainstream media mocking Trump for the virus! (https://www.chicagotribune.com/sns-201910291703--tms--lpittsctnwl-a20191030-20191030-column.html), (https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/02/media/hannity-fox-trump-covid/index.html), and (https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/10/02/trump-covid-positive-coronavirus-health/). This is shocking! What can we do! Now nearly all of Pence's workers have COVID, and now Pelosi is next to be president! - User:Punish China

Given the Left's utter hatred and contempt for Trump, I personally didn't find it particularly shocking that they would respond so cheaply, though it is pathetic and disgusting. As for what we can do, sending some prayers never hurts. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Friday, 10:27, 2 October 2020 (EDT)
Also, can you show me the specific part where Wikipedia is mocking Trump over testing positive for the CCP virus? —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Friday, 10:28, 2 October 2020 (EDT)

Wikipedia is so anti-Trump in Trump's article they put "Trump reacted slowly to the COVID-19 pandemic; he minimized the threat, ignored or contradicted many recommendations from health officials, and promoted false information about unproven treatments and the availability of testing. Both Trump and the First Lady later tested positive for COVID-19" and in China's, they say "The COVID-19 pandemic originated with a cluster of mysterious, suspected pneumonia cases in the city of Wuhan, the capital of Hubei, China. A Wuhan hospital notified the local center for disease control and prevention (CDC) and health commissions on 27 December 2019." and "On 25 February, the number of newly confirmed cases outside mainland China exceeded those from within for the first time; the WHO praised the effectiveness of measures taken in the country.", and also this article is clearly biased. The article link is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_in_mainland_China.

Put this in the "In the News" section of Conservapedia's main page:

https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/519296-chinese-state-media-mocks-trumps-positive-coronavirus-test-paid-the —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Punish China (talk)

Editing the Main Page is limited to Administrators, and I'm not an admin. If you want certain details put there, enter a request in a new section on Talk:Main Page and someone like RobSmith may do it. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Saturday, 22:25, 2 October 2020 (EDT)

Examples of Bias in Wikipedia

Do you think we can move the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez section to the Liberal politicians section? Thanks. I also think that it is clearly notable, since Wikipedia sympathizes with that socialist. Thanks! - User:Punish China

Sure, I suppose that'd be fine if you want to do that. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Sunday, 21:27, 3 October 2020 (EDT)


In the User talk:EL C page (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:El_C), there is a portrait of Che Guevara! Just see it for yourself! My other Wikipedia accounts, which is, me myself, tried removing it, but I got permanently banned!!! And El C seems to undo any balanced edits about Communism, like that "Liberals argue that Communism provides", rather "Communism provides". However, I think the El C is El Che Guevara. - User:Punish China

That user account goes back to 2004; it's a longtime member of the Rouge Admin cabal. I doubt you'll be able to do anything about it. RobSFree Kyle! 17:29, 5 October 2020 (EDT)

But, why they have the Che Guevara, who is a mass-murderer, as their "hero"? - User:Punish China

Cause he or the people running the account are communists. That means he fits right in with WP's ruling cabal. RobSFree Kyle! 22:06, 5 October 2020 (EDT)

Recent liberal vandal

You're IP blocking the F Breeona Taylor dude right? how is he making new alts? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Sievert 81 (talk)

While autoblocks do last for a maximum of 24 hours, some vandals likely use a proxy and thus under a different IP address each time to create socks. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Wednesday, 01:37, 7 October 2020 (EDT)
LT, check your email. RobSFree Kyle! 01:43, 7 October 2020 (EDT)
Alright, I saw your email and replied. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Wednesday, 01:50, 7 October 2020 (EDT)

Hello! I apologize for being quick to accuse you guys of censorship and appreciate the speedy response.

Regarding the image ownership, these images were uploaded by me and the original scans are on my computer. Thank you. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Voshbed (talk)

Since I've only had upload abilities for a month and a half now and am not completely familiar with everything related to assuming permissions when uploading files from the internet, especially given that the site you linked to doesn't specify exactly who uploaded the images and when, I'd personally wait for someone like RobSmith or DavidB4 for further input. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Thursday, 23:10, 14 October 2020 (EDT)

Left Fox News Polls

A website to put in the main page news: Democrat Fox News Polls! https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/09/04/fox-news-battleground-state-polls-that-show-joe-biden-leads-oversample-democrats/

The article is almost two months ago, and I can't post on MPR because I'm not an administrator. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Tuesday, 22:52, 26 October 2020 (EDT)

Evil Obama

I have the link: https://creationsciencestudy.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/evil-obama-n.jpg. Can you please use a different name, and upload the file, and it would look good seeing it in one of the Template:User 's. - User:United States

Where did the image exactly come from and who specifically is the author? —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Sunday, 22:23, 31 October 2020 (EDT)

I guess Jim Solouki, who runs the website, and who is pro-Trump and pro-Evangelical, made it. - User:United States

Alright, here it is. I'd prefer not to make these types of uploads in the future, though. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Sunday, 23:46, 31 October 2020 (EDT)

Conservapedia Presidential Election Prediction Maps

Please upload these maps and put in that prediction page:

The Fake News Map: https://www.270towin.com/maps/yp7Gk.png The Real Clear Politics Map: https://www.270towin.com/maps/yp7Nx.png The Conservapedia Map: https://www.270towin.com/maps/38bzZ.png

- User:United States

Did you create those maps? —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Sunday, 23:50, 31 October 2020 (EDT)

Yes, for this wiki to have in the page. Thanks! - User:United States

Alright, the images are respectively here, here, and here. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Sunday, 11:18, 1 November 2020 (EST)
You could add 1 elector from Maine for the win. And MN, NC, and AZ in the too close to call. RobSFree Kyle! 13:28, 1 November 2020 (EST)

Conservapedia's Endorsement of Trump

I know that you can't edit the main page, but can you request an administrator, that Conservapedia officially endorses Trump for president? - User:United States

I think that can mostly be inferred by readers. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Sunday, 17:34, 1 November 2020 (EST)

Well, I mean the website, not the readers. - User:United States

If we were going to make an official statement about it, we probably would've done such sooner. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Sunday, 17:39, 1 November 2020 (EST)

OK, but can we do it now, with only 2 days till the election, before the election is over? It should be official, since Trump is truly a great president, and Biden is pro-China, pro-Jinping. - User:United States

Ilhan Omar Al Qaeda

Omar was at an Somali Al Qaeda training camp. Here is the photo: https://bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com/madison.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/e/74/e749e2a0-a17a-530f-97bf-dc9bc097c11c/5d608255b2ed4.image.jpg?resize=1024%2C1691 There is evidence here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFdGe_b7Slo

However, the media blatantly defend Omar by saying that it is false.

I'll look into that sometime, maybe a little bit later. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Monday, 20:05, 1 November 2020 (EST)

Will Trump win 2020???😔😔😔

I see polls that show Trump trails double-digits, 20 points, but I really want Trump re-elected. Can he win NC, PA, and other key states😔😔😔??? - User:United States

Well, we'll see. I wouldn't trust many of the polls. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Tuesday, 18:17, 3 November 2020 (EST)

Why? Is it because polls are lying? - User:United States

Do you think that polls showing Trump down ten points in swing states are being truthful? Do you really believe that independent voters are going to break for Biden over Trump by a twenty-five percent margin? —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Wednesday, 19:05, 3 November 2020 (EST)

Probably, it will be crucially close among independents, but can Trump take Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes? In the real polls, it is less than 3 points for Biden. - User:United States

Trump News

Trump and Biden are now tight, no one is clearly winning. But, can Trump win NC, AZ, PA, MN, or NV? - User:United States

I think NC will go to Trump by a narrow margin. As for the rest, I dunno at the moment. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Wednesday, 22:53, 3 November 2020 (EST)

How Can Trump Win 2020???

In the 6 states not yet called, he is leading only in Alaska. And if Biden wins only one state, he wins 270. How can Trump win, despite the Democrat's fraud??? - User:United States

Some lawsuits may have been filed on the matter. I dunno too much about it, as that's what RobSmith is focusing on. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Saturday, 11:31, 7 November 2020 (EST)

You've been cooped

You ought to have the right to face your accusers if there is any due process. [4] RobSFree Kyle! 00:48, 9 November 2020 (EST)

Due process on RW? I kind of doubt it. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Monday, 01:12, 9 November 2020 (EST)
Are you able to edit there? RobSFree Kyle! 17:11, 9 November 2020 (EST)
Nope, the block on RW still remains. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Monday, 17:17, 9 November 2020 (EST)

Doug Collins Or Kelly Loeffer

Who is better? I like both agendas of the candidates. - User:United States

I prefer Doug Collins, though he finished third place in the jungle primary, so he's now out of the special election unfortunately. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Saturday, 20:03, 13 November 2020 (EST)

Why? - User:United States

So here's the story: Sen. Johnny Isakson, who was re-elected in 2016, resigned in December 2019. Under Georgia law, whenever an incumbent senator resigns, an interim is to be appointed by the governor, though there must be an election to be held in the nearest election cycle in the form of a jungle primary to determine who finishes the term or serves for a full six-year term, depending on what cycle that jungle primary takes place in. That "primary" is just an election coinciding with all other general elections where every candidate's name is placed next to each other on the ballot, and if no one receives a majority of the vote, then a runoff is to be held between the top two. It was requested that Brian Kemp appoint Doug Collins to the Senate seat, but he decided to appoint Kelly Loeffler. Collins later in January 2020 announced his run, and other candidates such as Matt Lieberman and Raphael Warnock did too. Initially it was kind of a four-way tie, but after Loeffler came under fire over allegations of insider trading amidst the CCP pandemic, Collins took a sharp lead that held for a few months. During this time, Lieberman and Warnock also roughly were split among Democrat support. However, as time went on, Collins began to trail in the polling and kept on hovering between 2nd/3rd place. The Democrat establishment backed Warnock, and Lieberman's support evaporated due to that as well as coming under controversy for writing a racist book. The GOP establishment and even many conservatives like Marsha Blackburn backed Loeffler; thus, Warnock won the jungle primary with a plurality, Loeffler trailed in second place, and Collins in third place. Now Loeffler and Warnock are headed to the runoff in January 2021, where it could be a tossup. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Saturday, 20:17, 13 November 2020 (EST)

I see, but who's more conservative? - User:United States

Probably Collins, as he seems to have a strong record in the House. The problem is that we don't know enough about Loeffler. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Saturday, 22:29, 13 November 2020 (EST)

Your turn

It's your turn to address the abuse of rights case you created on Andy's talk page. It's quickly devolved into a smear against me for "defeatism". RobSFree Kyle! 12:25, 15 November 2020 (EST)

I just posted a reply there. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Sunday, 12:37, 15 November 2020 (EST)

Nice job

Nice job catching all that vandalism from those 3 accounts. I got the infinitly loading glitch after reverting 2 of his edits, so I couldn't revert any more. Sievert 81 (talk) 17:33, 16 November 2020 (EST)

Thanks! I do wish I could get rollback abilities sometime soon, though, as that would definitely make the process much quicker for me. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Monday, 17:35, 16 November 2020 (EST)
Same, with block abilites. That way I could have blocked the guy before he made all those edits. Sievert 81 (talk) 18:08, 16 November 2020 (EST)

Oklahoma can't be one of the 5 most Republican States

Oklahoma has big cities, OKC and Tulsa, which is bigger than ND, SD, NE, and KS's largest cities, and Oklahoma is safely Republican, but not one of the most solid Republican. Do you agree? - User:United States

I'd say Oklahoma would be among the most solidly Republican states because they're not as likely as many other red states to elect Democrats for their state elections; Kansas elected Democrat Laura Kelly in the 2018 gubernatorial election, and the gubernatorial race in South Dakota that year got quite close. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Tuesday, 08:11, 24 November 2020 (EST)

But, how about in the presidential level? How about the big cities there? - User:United States

Oklahoma still would be one of the most red states at the presidential level. And as for the big cities, I don't know too much about them specifically. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Tuesday, 08:34, 24 November 2020 (EST)

Blue Texas???

I feel like TX will lean Democrat in 2030. TX was solidly red from 2000 to 2012, likely red in 2016, and leaning red in 2020. Based on the trends, TX will clearly turn blue in 2030, even if we slightly overestimate Republicans in swing areas. Could TX turn blue in your opinions? It is my state, and we are voting for Republicans, but how about the other people??? How to stop TX from turning blue??? - User:United States

Increasing black/Latino support for Republicans will buffer the blue trends occurring in certain areas like Pete Sessions' old district. For example, Tony Gonzales won the general election to succeed Will Hurd in a liberal-leaning district despite every election rating site (with the exception of RCP) considering it "Lean D". The reason for Texas not being as Republican as before, along with Arizona and Georgia, are the affluent voters living in the urban/suburban areas. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Tuesday, 18:43, 24 November 2020 (EST)

I know urban areas are making states more liberal, but can Texas ever turn blue??? The media clearly rates Texas toss-up to slight Democrat leads, especially during quarantine.[1] Is Texas really a swing state? - User:United States

That mostly depends on what elections you're talking about and the circumstances for them. In the 2018 Midterms, Cruz only narrowly won over O'Rourke, but Abbott easily was re-elected by a handy margin. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Tuesday, 18:57, 24 November 2020 (EST)

I mean in the presidential election, the media makes TX look like toss-up to tilting Democrat. Why? - User:United States

It's the MSM, and they've got an agenda to push. Not that the nonsense they're spewing is in line with reality much. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Wednesday, 19:01, 24 November 2020 (EST)

I see, but would you give TX toss-up, Tilt R, Lean R, Likely R, or Safe R? - User:United States