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User's note: this page has been vandalized 2 times so far.

There has been one particular dimwit on CP who consistently trolls and vandalizes pages in a similar manner: create an account name attacking a relatively active/well-known user (i.e. Karajou, Northwest, Shobson20, etc.), then proceed to hijack articles into cheap political smears as well as posting highly vulgar/inappropriate insults on talk pages. Northwest has referred to that idiot as the "juvenile delinquent" here, and there are several things to note. Firstly, it seems that that person apparently doesn't understand what it means to grow up and act maturely (duh!). Secondly, they seem to have been using the same proxy site I've used to access this site prior to today, since most of the IP addresses covered by the website have been blocked by DavidB4 following their usage by sockpuppets of the juvenile delinquent. Thirdly, it seems that I'm recently the subject of attacks by the vandal, which would likely mean that I've made a large amount of contributions to be noticed like this. —LiberaltearsMay Dataclarifier be well! | Don't be an anti-Catholic zealot! Sunday, 01:22, 30 August 2020 (EDT)

It seems that the juvenile delinquent is back at it with the utter immaturity. No one's perfect, though it's bizarre that some choose to display their worst flaws in such a way.
LiberaltearsMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Friday, 22:37, 17 September 2020 (EDT)

And the j.d. strikes again. Based off this diff (foul language warning) it appears that the vandal may be drunk or high on drugs, neither of which would be surprising. The troll couldn't even spell correctly, incorrectly typing "Al-Quaeda [sic]". In addition, the correctly terminology is "guerrilla warfare" and not "gorilla warfare". Furthermore, the first half of the nonsensical vandalism was entirely copy/pasted from the Urban Dictionary (profanity warning again), which is obvious plagiarism. The second half was a profane death threat, which likely signals that the revision ought to be hidden/deleted by an administrator/oversighter due to obviously being extremely inappropriate. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Saturday, 01:30, 17 October 2020 (EDT)