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Cplogosmall.PNG This user prefers to use Conservapedia over Wikipedia, or any other online encyclopedia.
This user supports Aschlafly as the rightful leader of Conservapedia.
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This user is not a fan of 504 Gateway Timeouts.
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This user is not a fan of 403.shtml errors.
D.C. This user will miss Dataclarifier.
This user knows that the Republican Party and the Democrat Party never switched.
Sperm-egg.jpg This user believes life begins at conception.
This user's favorite conservative news source is Breitbart.
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This user supports de-funding NPR.
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This user supports President Donald Trump.
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This user supports Martha McSally.
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This user supports Cory Gardner.
This user holds some skepticisms of RINO Susan Collins, but does not support Democrat Sara Gideon.
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This user supports Joni Ernst.
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This user supports Steve Daines.
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This user supports Doug Collins for U.S. Senate.
This user knows that HCQ is effective despite the TDS-rooted liberal denial of such.
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This user knows that Biden is guilty of quid pro joe.
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This user does not support the Squad.
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This user knows that Nancy Pelosi is a national disgrace.
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This user does not support Gary Peters.
This user does does not support RINO Lisa Murkowski.
This user knows that Epstein didn't kill himself.

Liberaltears/LiberalTears/Liberal tears/Liberal Tears/L.T./LT/he/him/etc.

One hour-explanation of Joe Biden's outstanding qualifications

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Great joke I came up with:

Obama: Trump's taking credit for the booming economy I started!
Conservatives: If you witness a booming economy months after you left office, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen.
Obama: Too bad you bitter clingers can't see all my great accomplishments!
Conservatives: Like that time you visited 57 states?
Obama: ...
Conservatives: Like that time your attorney general illegally sold weapons to drug cartels?
Obama: ...
Conservatives: Like that time your administration illegally wiretapped the Trump campaign?
Obama: ...
Conservatives: Like that time your other attorney general illegally refused to recuse herself in an investigative matter regarding the Clintons?
Obama: ...
Conservatives: Like that time you spent hundreds of billions of dollars to "save the economy" only to have it go worse?
Obama: ...
Conservatives: Look, if you like your legacy, you can keep your legacy.

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