U.S. v. Concord Management

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indicted the proverbial ham sandwich.]]

United States v. Concord Management and Consulting LLC, sometimes referred to as the case against "Putin's chef," was a Mueller show trial during the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. Like indictment of 12 GRU officers, the indictment was filed with no expectation that the Russians, residing in Russia, would ever show up in an American court room to defend themselves, and Mueller office could boast it had brought some two dozen indictments.

Special Council Robert Mueller indicted the proverbial ham sandwich. Concord Catering had also been charged, which did not exist during 2016 presidential election.[1]

When litigators for Concord Management actually showed up in court, Mueller was denied an easy public relations win. Mueller argued a nude selfie collected from the phone of a Russian troll bot was "vital to the strategic national security interests of the United States."

No Americans were involved, and Deputy Attorney General stated no collusion with the Trump campaign was found.[2][3][4] Rosenstein and Mueller filed the case while President Trump was in flight to Helsinki for peace talks with President Putin

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