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The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is an organization which suggests that Texas should secede from the United States, and reclaim its independent nation status. Its home base is the southeast Texas city of Nederland.

Unlike some secessionist movements which engage in, or actively suggest, violence (such as the reformed Republic of Texas), the TNM seeks to use the existing political process, by calling for a state-wide referendum on the issue. The idea of a referendum is similar to the United Kingdom's vote which ultimately led to Brexit, and in the spirit of such naming is labeled TEXIT.

In 2020 TNM announced that a member of the Texas House of Representatives has filed legislation based on TNM's proposal that would call for such a referendum (ironically it was on the same day that the Texas v. Pennsylvania lawsuit was filed)[1], and later announced that it had established two separate political action committees to raise funds to carry out its mission[2], one to elect candidates friendly to the cause (the Texas Nationalist Movement Political Action Committee (TNM-PAC)) and another to raise funds for a future campaign to support passage of the referendum should the legislation be passed (the TEXIT Now PAC).

TNM operates on a membership basis, with two main levels, a "standard" membership which costs $30 annually and a "premium" membership which costs around $19/month but provides more "internal access" to TNM leaders. Other levels are available for seniors, military and veterans, and students. Donations (which can be made in lieu of, or in addition to, membership) are not tax-deductible. It also operates an online store which sells various Texas independence related items.


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