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Please don't remove controversial information. --Ed Poor Talk 07:54, 17 November 2008 (EST)

US TV host found murderded at home by gay lover [1]


How is it vandalism? Prompt response, though misguided.

What is this obsession with homosexuals?

It's barely mentioned in the Bible not in the 10 commandments unlike lying and working on Sundays, in fact that is a much more common sin. I know you don't like it, hey I don't like it but what they do is there business. Georgecross 08:31, 7 January 2010 (EST)

George, you seem obsessed enough to discover the information in this article which topples your errant worldview. No apologies for toppling your liberal sacred cow. conservative 20:16, 13 November 2010 (EST)

George, 人皆知我所以勝之形,而莫知我所以制勝之形 Conservative 20:18, 30 August 2014 (EDT)

Confused Subjects

Perhaps I'm wrong, but the impression I got from the sources was that the murders simply involved homosexuals, not that they were definitely the assailants. I'm sorry; I'm not trying to be contrary. I'm just trying to address some nuances of meaning that may actually sway the article towards liberalism, and I'd rather not give them the satisfaction of turning it around on us so easily.MPS847 4:19 PM 1 June 2010 (CST)

Although one or more liberals appear to deny it, the Conservapedia homosexuality article is quite popular at Google India which is not surprising since India is quite traditional plus the article cites an Indian forensic journal a few times. :) For example, the Conservapedia homosexuality article says: "The previously cited article in the Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine states regarding homosexual murders: "These "Lovers' quarrels" between male homosexuals manifest an increased level of violence due to the fact that the parties involved in the emotional conflict are both sexual aggressors." In addition, I cite from the Conservapedia homosexualtiy article: "Doctors Knight and Saukko coauthored a pathology textbook entitled Knight's Forensic Pathology in 2004 which stated the following:"As with heterosexual offenses, the cause of death in fatal cases is almost always some form of general trauma, such as strangulation or head injuries. Homosexual activity, however, may be a parallel event; it is a fact that some of the most violent homicides seen by pathologists are among male homosexuals." Also, the Conservapedia article says: The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Michael Newton reports: "Homosexual slayers clearly have no monopoly on violence, but it is true that their crimes often display extremes of "overkill" and mutilation... On balance, it seems fair to say that while homosexuals sometimes fall prey to "gay bashing" violence by bigoted "straights," they are far more likely to be murdered by another homosexual than in a random hate crime". I suggest obtaining a refund from your optometrist as your reading glasses don't seem to up to snuff.conservative 20:01, 13 November 2010 (EST)