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Hi, it looks like you've got an extra closing bracket after the link to AmRD in the second sentence.

I like the idea of TOR, but as I understand it, you cannot view all websites with it. Rather, my understanding (which could be wrong) is that a website must be created for and hosted in the TOR network, with it's own special "giberish" URL. Am I wrong? Also, I must question the security of TOR with the NSA's power, having a quantum computer, large staff, and incredible funding. These articles seem to agree with that concern of actual security [1] [2]. Maybe you or I could be in the 19% which can not be traced, but I must question how effective it really is.

I do hope someone finds a way to stop packet tracing in TOR, but until they do, do you think it is even worth while? Sure, you make them work for it, but if they get it in the end, all you've done is made them add you the list of "Darknet" suspects.--David B (talk) 12:34, 9 February 2016 (EST)