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TEXIT: Why and How TEXAS Will Leave the Union is a book by Daniel Miller, leader of the Texas Nationalist Movement, an organization which seeks to have Texas peacefully secede from the United States via a statewide referendum (popularly known as Texit). It was originally published in 2018 by Defiance Press and Publishing LLC.

The central theme of the book is (as the title suggests) why Texas should, and how it can, reclaim its former independence as a sovereign nation. Miller addresses several fears which arise, how the plan would work legislatively, and how certain bi-lateral issues would be resolved (e.g. currency, trade, Social Security payments).


  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapters
  1. What Is Texit?
    1. The Face of Texit
    2. The History and Culture of Texit
    3. The Century of Self-Determination
    4. Global Exit in the 21st Century
    5. Texit and Mainstream Politics
  2. Understanding the American Union
  3. Causes Which Impel Them
    1. The Federal Superstate
    2. National Debt
    3. The Unequal Burden
    4. Immigration and the Border
    5. America, the Irredeemable
    6. Past is Prologue
  4. Project Fear
    1. Texit Is Illegal and Unconstitutional
    2. The Federal Government Won't Let Texas Leave
    3. Texit Is Too Difficult
    4. The Fall of Project Fear
  5. Laying the Groundwork
    1. Atomization
    2. Political Apathy
    3. Political Amateurism
    4. Short-Term Thinking and the Credibility Gap
    5. Dual Identities
    6. Money
    7. Bringing It Together
  6. The Texas Independence Referendum
    1. Legislative Path
    2. The Elements of an Independence Referendum
    3. Special Considerations
    4. The Bill
    5. The Debate
    6. The Win
  7. Becoming Independent
    1. First Things First
    2. Trade
    3. Travel
    4. Currency and Banking
    5. Social Security
    6. Military and Defense
    7. National Debt
    8. The Rest
  8. The Future Republic of Texas
  9. Overcoming the Real Challenges Facing Texit
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Bibliography
  • About the Author