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Stephen Bennett

Stephen Bennett is a Christian recording artist and former homosexual[1] who runs a ministry to free people from homosexuality.

Attitude towards Homosexuality

Bennett does not believe homosexuality is a choice —while, at the same time, he does not believe people are born gay. He believes without question that homosexual men and women can choose to no longer live as homosexual.


Bennett once lived as a gay man until he was 28 years old, but is now happily married to his wife, Irene, of 19 years. They are the proud parents of two children. He is a conservative, evangelical Christian with a unique perspective on the issue of homosexuality. Bennett is the founder and Executive Director of Stephen Bennett Ministries (SBM) and (TPG)—a worldwide organization which supports the rights of homosexual men and women who choose to change.[2]


Bennett wrote the personal testimony published as a brochure named "I WAS GAY."[3] [4]

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