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However the gaming industry is a major tourist-oriented business in Nevada. In recent decades casino gambling has been legalized in many states, in come cases in narrowly specified locales (such as riverboats) or on Indian reservations (which are less subject to state law.)
==Lottery==[[Lottery|Lotteries]] are a common form of gambling, with a small stake being bet for the very low probability of winning a very large amount of money, if the numbers a player chooses are selected by a random number picking device. Lotteries are a major revenue source for governments. This is controversial, as while the government makes money through the lottery for social services, it is primarily played by the poor and working class, and thus seen as a "tax on the poor". Furthermore, the odds of winning money in the lottery are substantially less than winning at a casino. Additionally, the lottery, both "pick em" games and scratch tickets, are purely games of chance, whereas casinos have generally have several skill games.
A certain fraction of the population is addicted to gambling and tend to drain family resources on the habit. Stories are common of addicts losing all their money in a single gambling spree. Only [[Missouri]] has a [[Gambling_Loss_Limit|gambling loss limit]].
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