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Samaritan Ministries International is one of several healthcare sharing ministries which intends to replace conventional insurance. Rather than paying a monthly rate to an insurance company, a member will pay the monthly charge directly to another member who has recently paid out-of-pocket for a medical procedure.[1] Also, each month, a prayer list is send out to every member so that they may pray each day for one member who is having (or had) medical issues. This program is only available to Christians, and each member's pastor must sign off on this periodically.


Samaritan Ministries International incorporated in September 1991 as a not-for-profit organization in Illinois. For three years, Samaritan spent on research and development. In September 1994, members began sharing needs through Samaritan, and have been since.[2]


  • Although this is not officially insurance, healthcare sharing is a permitted substitute for insurance under the Affordable Care Act—no penalties will apply to members of such an organization
  • Biblical commended procedures will not not be covered, so members will not be expected to pay for what they do not support.


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