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Remdesivir is an overpriced, sometimes harmful and mostly ineffective patented medication being promoted by liberals to treat coronavirus. It is administered intravenously and thus requires a very costly 5-day stay in a hospital, in addition to thousands of dollars per patient charged by a pharmaceutical company for the medication itself.[1] Although remdesivir was heavily touted by liberals, on Oct. 16 CNN admitted, "Big global study finds remdesivir doesn't help Covid-19 patients."[2]

Remdesivir depends on a very specific enzyme and thus might not work if its conformation is slightly changed. It also costs $20,000 for a treatment of it.

In contrast, the superior and much less expensive hydroxychloroquine changes milieu in the cell and makes the pH unfavorable, such that mutations are not likely to render HCQ ineffective.

Some suspect that overuse of remdesivir may result in viral resistance to the drug, which is a strong reason to prefer HCQ first before remdesivir over hydroxychloroquine.