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QAnon (AKA "Q") is a pseudonym for an anonymous military intelligence person or group who is alleged to be in President Trump's inner circle of advisers; the highest US intelligence clearance rank is Q.[1] Q's objective is to use the Socratic method of asking leading questions to help people think about relevant topics and news in a way that blunts the mainstream media's extreme ultraliberal bias. Much of the information uses code to protect its mission. The information also has the purpose of preparing the general public to the unsealing of what is now [As of October 2018] 55,000 sealed indictments said to be prepared by US Attorney John Huber. Others acknowledge the indictments with Huber's involvement but have disputed their purpose. Huber and his staff of 470+ DOJ lawyers may at some point unseal those charges against politicians and related people in government, who have violated laws in the process of their government duties. This likely will include many high officials in the Obama administration.


Q began posting information on the 8-Chan bulletin board on the deep web in October 2017 but has switched to 4-Chan for ease of protecting his posts (the deep web is a wild west place). The information posted is mirrored to several web site on the World Wide Web, notably [http:/]. There are many interpreters of Q posts on YouTube and other websites. Among the best on YouTube are JustInformedTalk and PrayingMedic. PrayingMedic often references the Obamagate timeline.[2]

Allegations of a conspiracy theory

Q is considered a conspiracy theory by some because if Q is not thwarted, thousands of Deep state political leaders would be indicted and jailed.

Time magazine, not the even-handed publication it was many years ago, on June 28, 2018, listed Q among The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet.

The occasional Q post is authored by Q+, obviously an alternate in the intelligence circle, maybe Trump himself. A photo of the Q Team (one composition of Trump's legal team upon whom Q-anon and his readers have directed attention in order to protect) is available here [1].

Democrats become believers

After the firing of Jeff Sessions and appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General, Whitaker relieved Rod Rosenstein of oversight of the Mueller probe. User:Sundance of pleaded with readers to abandon discussing or retweeting Qanon's frequent use of the phrase, "trust the plan."[3] Sundance posited that the Democratic-controlled House, which previously ridiculed and dismissed Qanon, would become firm believers and investigate Qanon postings to seek impeachment on grounds of obstruction of justice.

Praying Medic immediately suspended his Youtube activity.[4]

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