Professor Intolerance

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Intolerance is a common trait among the almost exclusively liberal professors in modern American colleges, who cannot seem to accept that alternative viewpoints to their own even exist, let alone are held by their more intelligent students. Examples include:

  • censorship of any mention of creation science in any biology class
  • A recent professor quit his role as adviser to a conservative group at Texas A&M, opposing their justified opposition to the tactics of terrorist William Ayers[1]
  • Refusing to acknowledge that gun control always increases crime
  • intolerance of any questioning of their beliefs, even (especially) while forcing them upon their students
  • intolerance of academic accountability, believing that being granted tenure ensures they can do whatever they want for the rest of their careers, and that they have a right to keep their jobs no matter what. *opposition to drug testing, even though parents have a right to know if their children are being taught by criminals and addicts