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Neela Banerjee is a journalist who harshly accused Republicans of plotting to "attack ... scientists who link air pollution to climate change."[1] What GOP leaders are actually planning is to point out "distortions of scientific evidence regarding climate change".[1]

It as actually well-known among conservatives that air pollution changes the climate, and the GOP has never said otherwise.

The real problem is a small group of renegade scientists who have claimed that carbon dioxide is the biggest factor in global warming. Partisans have used this claim to pressure the EPA to classify carbon dioxide as a pollutant.

The Republican Party respects the peer-reviewed research of scientists who have shown that most of the changes in the earth's average near-surface air temperature is due to natural causes. For example, scientists know from studying ice cores that the temperature has been up to 4 degrees (centigrade) higher and 8 degrees (centigrade) lower during the last 500,000 years. These variations in air temperature led to corresponding variations in carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere several centuries later.