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Melissa Zimdars

Melissa Zimdars is a communication and media professor at Merrimack College, who has been championed by the US mainstream media in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 US presidential elections, for putting together a publicly available Google doc with a list of allegedly “fake news” sites that she says should be completely avoided or banned if possible. However in addition to some satirical and bogus sites, her list attacks the credibility of well-established alternative online news sites such as Breitbart, Infowars and Project Veritas.[1] She said she began writing the list because she didn't approve of the sources her students were citing.

Even liberals, such as Will Oremus on, criticized the list and the term itself for being far too broad, unfairly targeting numerous sites, and being an overreaction.[2] Zimdars later removed her "Fake News" list, claiming she had been "harassed" and "doxed".[3]

In addition to her occupation as an assistant professor, Zimdars is also a columnist and contributor for Little Village Magazine – a leftist magazine that says it's focused on issues such as “racial justice,” “gender equity,” “critical culture,” “economic and labor justice” and “environmental sustainability.” Her Twitter profile describes her as a “feminist” and “activist.”


Sean Hannity's website warned that Zimdars’ list includes “mainstream conservative sources” and “is giving us insight into just what kind of websites the left plans on targeting for censorship.”

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