Kathy Manning

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Kathy Manning

Political party Democrat
Religion Jewish[1]

Kathy Manning is an attorney and liberal Democrat currently running for United States House of Representatives from North Carolina's 6th congressional district. She previously ran unsuccessfully from the 13th district in 2018, losing by a close margin in a mostly Republican district then.

U.S. House runs


Manning unsuccessfully ran for U.S. House of Representatives in the 2018 Midterms, losing to incumbent Republican Ted Budd by six percentage points[2] despite having campaigned heavily, holding hundreds of political events and reaching out to tens of thousands of voters.[3] During the run, Manning voiced opposition to Nancy Pelosi despite having previously donated to her.[4]


Following an upheld[5] court-mandated[6] redistricting of North Carolina's congressional districts in late 2019, the 6th district was moved from a Republican stronghold to a Democrat-favoring area.[7][8] Manning announced in early December 2020 her run for the seat,[9] and Republican representative Mark Walker of the district soon announced his retirement due to facing nearly no chances of re-elected.[10]

Manning won her party's primary,[11] and will face Republican Lee Haywood in the general election.[12] The vacated House seat is expected to be a mostly safe blue flip,[13][14][15] as the newly drawn sixth congressional district is very liberal.

Political positions

Manning supports citizenship for illegal aliens and is undecided on whether marijuana should be legalized.[16] She is also pro-abortion and supports Obamacare.[17]

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