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  1. REDIRECT [[Journalism is the act of compiling, editing, and presenting the news. Journalism exists in many mediums, from the traditional print forms (magazines, newspapers) to television and, particularly in the last five years, internet forms. Youtube journalism has particularly picked-up in the 2008 elections, focusing on candid moments with candidates and an emphasis on more honest reporting.

Liberal Bias

In recent years, some newspapers have developed a liberal bias. This is a general trend and is not true of many noted publications. Some noted commentators, such as Ann Coulter have particularly targeted the New York Times.

My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building. -Ann Coulter

The New York Times has had a history of reporting news that has tended towards a liberal bias, particularly in the context of good wars. For example, reporters on the ground who witness all forms of death and destruction may think that the Iraq War is going poorly. This is not always the case when one looks at the big picture. Former Secretary Donald Rumsfled had a hard time convincing reporters that the war was going smoothly and that the United States was making progress because of this. Rumsfled could also not disclose war strategy, the end result was confusion amongst the press corps who viewed Rumsfled (unjustifiable) as incompetent. However, despite the many accomplishments in Iraq, reporters have always tended to report the sensationalized parts of Iraq, like the death toll or car bombings or IED's.

Youtube and Blogger Journalism

Journalism in recent years has evolved into various forms of advocay journalism. "Spinning", or the act of twisting objective news to meet a particular agenda has become increasingly commonplace. As a result, Journalists like Bill O'Relly are a welcomed addition to "de-spin" news.]]#REDIRECT [[#REDIRECT Insert redirect]]