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An internet meme image, depicting militant atheists, produced by Ken Ammi of True Freethinker, in response to a cartoon created by John W. Loftus who criticized the term.

John W. Loftus (born 1954) is an American atheist author who writes about his conversion from Christianity to atheism.[1] He also engages in atheist apologetics.


Loftus earned a bachelor's degree (B.R.E.), from Great Lakes Christian College in 1977. Subsequently, he obrained two master's degrees, M.A. and M.DiV., from Lincoln Christian University under the guidance of James D. Strauss and a Masters of Theology degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Career in Christian ministry

Loftus was ordained as a minister in the Church of Christ and taught Christian apologetics for Great Lakes Christian College and Lincoln Christian University, as well as teaching philosophy/ethics at College of Lake County, Kellogg Community College and Trine University.

John Loftus and the no true Scotsman fallacy

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The ex-atheist Darrin Raspberry formerly wrote for the atheist John Loftus’ blog site Debunking Christianity.[2] After Raspberry became a Christian Loftus said that Raspberry “was never an atheist in the first place.”[3]

John Lotftus' commentary about fellow atheist PZ Myers

John Loftus cites John Draper (a Canadian atheist blogger), saying about prominent atheist PZ Myers: "According to PZ you either agree with him or you are the scum of the earth. If anyone is giving atheists a bad reputation it's PZ - he shows no tolerance or respect for anyone other than himself."[4]


  • Why I Became an Atheist: A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity
  • Why I Became an Atheist: Personal Reflections and Additional Arguments.
  • The Outsider Test for Faith
  • Co-author of God or Godless with Randal Rauser as a co-author

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