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Jerrold Wadler

Jerrold Nadler is the Democratic representative of New York's 10th district and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Nadler was a staunch defender of President Bill Clinton who faced numerous sex abuse charges from women. Nadler is an apocalyptic climate change cultist[1] and sponsor of the communist Medicare for All bill.

In 2002 Nadler had his stomach stapled and lost about 150 pounds to drop his "Democrat fat cat" image.

Nadler attended high school with consultant Dick Morris, who ran two of Nadler's early campaigns in New York.

On September 24, 2019, Representative Lance Gooden proposed a resolution to remove Nadler from his position as chairman of House Judiciary committee, accusing him of unlawfully beginning impeachment proceedings before the House has given the committee authorization.[2][3] Previously that same month, Nadler had admitted to starting "an impeachment inquiry".[4][5][6]

Trump City

Jerry Nadler and Speaker Pelosi.[7]

The Trump/Nadler feud began in the late 1980s when Nadler was in the New York State Assembly and Trump was developing the Penn Rail Yards into an apartment complex and park in Nadler's district on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Trump called the project the “greatest ever” and the “most important project” needed for New York City. He wanted one of the buildings to be taller than Chicago's Sears Tower so it would be the tallest building in the U.S., which he said was a distinction that should belong to Manhattan.

The original plans for “Trump City” included a television studio, shopping mall, massive parking structure, and private park larger than Central Park—and it involved moving a highway. This would be a major change to the neighborhood. Nadler opposed the development.

Trump wanted federal highway funds for the undertaking, which Nadler, who by then was serving in Congress, managed to kill. Nadler also convinced then-HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo to stop Trump from getting a federal mortgage guarantee for his project, which Trump wanted categorized as blighted land.

In the end, Trump got the project built, which transformed the Upper West Side with new housing and a park. Aiding Trump along the way was the newly elected Republican mayor, Rudy Giuliani.[8]

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