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Honor means high respect to a person, as that shown for special merit (glory or recognition) or distinction. Also in the Academic world an special recognition for unusual achievement. To be honored is to have honor bestowed on you from a good name or reputation or from a source or cause of respectable credit.

Synonyms: homage, reverence, veneration, deference.

Honor was a crucial aspect of culture and conduct at every level of society. Notions of honor varied by region, gender, status, and time, but these differences were all variations on a theme that maintained remarkable similarity as it stretched across Europe, reached back into the Middle Ages, and persisted in some form into the nineteenth century. Everywhere honor depended on one's reputation for proper behavior, as judged by one's peers and neighbors, so personal honor was always vulnerable to gossip and slander that could redefine one's estimation in the eyes of others. [1]

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