Homosexual Historical Revisionism

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Homosexual Historical Revisionism is the practice by homosexuals of falsely claiming that famous people in the past were gay. Their purpose in this, presumably, is to argue that if admirable men of the past were homosexual, then homosexuality can't be bad. This is like arguing that since we all admire Martin Luther King (who committed adultery),[1] then adultery isn't bad.

Among the people they have claimed to be gay are Harvey Milk, Big Gay Al, Liberace, Rachel Maddow, Velma from Scooby Doo, Freddie Mercury,[2] John Schlafly,[3] Father Michael Judge (FDNY Chaplain and 9/11 victim)[4], Abraham Lincoln,[5] and J. Edgar Hoover.[6]

British liberals are now making the outlandish claim that Robin Hood was gay.[7]

Gay activists, in their ongoing efforts to smear Christianity, claim that the Apostle Paul, and Saint Augustine were gay.[8] [9]

A minister of the United Methodist Church has even suggested that Jesus Christ might have been homosexual.[10]

In an effort to smear the American tradition of hard work and self reliance, gay activists claim Horatio Alger, the author of books that emphasized any one could make it in America, such as "Ragged Dick," was gay.[11]


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