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==See also==
==See also==
* [[The Great Global Warming Swindle]]
* [[The Great Global Warming Swindle]]
*[[Chicken Little]]

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The Global warming hoax is an international conspiracy to get people to believe in the Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory (AGW), a claim that carbon dioxide emissions will cause an environmental disaster (see runaway greenhouse effect). Despite proof found in ice cores that temperature drives carbon dioxide (much more than vice versa), leftists have fooled much of the general public and many politicians with this hoax.

In the past, the alarmism has been mainly directed at fossil fuels. More recently, meat has become a target. Alarmists are claiming that "in order to save the planet from climate-change disaster, the world must drastically cut meat-eating by more than 80 per cent in developed countries".[1]

School strikes

The activities of the global warming alarmist movement are becoming increasingly bizarre. School children are being encouraged to take part in "climate strikes" in several European countries, including Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Kingdom.[2][3][4] How this is supposed to affect the climate is unclear.

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