Federal Debt Limit

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The debt ceiling is the overall limit on federal government borrowing, as authorized by Congress. It is similar to an individual's credit card limit.

According to the Constitution, the Congress must approve all borrowings on behalf of the United States. Before the 20th century, Congress approved all bond issuances separately and explicitly. With the introduction of the debt ceiling, the treasury now had a line on which it could borrow as it needed to without having to go back to Congress for borrowings under the ceiling.

Barack Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006. Now, he wants to raise the debt ceiling to over twice what it was raised to in 2006. However, Obama may not get the debt ceiling increased by Congress who essentially deem the Obama administration to be a serious credit risk. This is similar to a credit card company telling a person with either no income or little income who has maxed out on his credit card that he won't get a line increase and must pay off his card lest he be sued. In fact, it is almost unheard of for a credit card company to give a credit line increase to someone who's maxed out on his credit card.

Obama's failure to take personal responsiblity and intead his resorting to blaming others is a typical liberal victimhood mindset and pervades the inner city culture greatly.