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'''Homosexual bait and switch''' is a technique used by [[covert homosexual agent]]s in order to convert heterosexuals to homosexuality. Covert homosexual agents will heavily alter their physical appearance in order to disguise their gender. The code-name "[[Drag-queen]]" is used amongst themselves. These covert homosexual agents will enter "meaningful" relationships with heterosexuals of the same sex without ever disclosing their own gender. Agents do a convincing job by utilizing [[deceit]] and powerful mind-control techniques. Only when the victim thinks they are in love does the covert agent reveal their true identity. At this point, the victim is too emotionally attached to the homosexual agent to leave them, giving the agent the upper-hand. Coercion into a counter-fit [[same-sex marriage]] is not uncommon. Even victims that somehow escape an agent's grasps usually go through [[homosexual withdrawal]] which causes some to suffer a [[homosexual relapse]].

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