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Essay:Senate Conservative Fund

A few days ago (it is now March 24, 2011) I received a funny fundraising letter from Senator Jim DeMint. In it he says he opposes pork and earmarks. Does that mean he only favors spending the voters would disapprove of? He also claims his PAC has given him the power to boss several senators around; then claims he is not a RINO. After saying he favors a balanced budget amendment and opposes entitlements, he asks me to send him at least $25. He wants me to send him money so he and his gang can lower my income. His questionaire then asks if I support my senators; views on sanctity of life, fiscal discipline, earmark abuse, and taxation. How would I know my senators' views? My views on fiscal discipline are 1. I need more money or lower prices 2. I should not need to slave for my money. My view on earmark abuse: name one. My view on taxation: tax Congress; Congress coins the money. My view on sanctity of life: No, I won't go. By the way, why did Mrs Clinton call the rebel army in Libya civilians? Maybe she should be asked that if she runs for anything again.