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Fair use:

Silo has become perhaps the world's first documented ex-gay penguin. He has moved out of his nest with Roy and taken up with Scrappy, a hot little bird who recently moved in from Sea World Zoo in San Diego. I guess he was wishing for a California girl.

For those who have pointed to Roy and Silo as models for us all, these developments must be disappointing. Some gay activists might actually be angry.

With Silo and Scrappy picking out curtains together, will gay rights groups now acknowledge that sexual orientation changes? [1]

If it is a voluntary choice to be ex-gay that's natural. It also happens that previously straight people become gay. What's not natural is to be a suppressed gay. That's what happens when people who are naturally gay are under social pressure to conform to the heterosexual model or to try to conform to it if they can't.