Death Squads

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The term Death Squad refers to groups of paramilitary henchmen in the employ of political groups and leaders, governments, rebels and terrorists who are used as covert execution squads, and whose existence is generally denied by their supporters. Their purpose is to terrify and/or eliminate opponents of the sponsors. Death Squads have been associated at various times with:

  • Government-sponsored murders in 1980s and 90s Iraq under the rule of Saddam Hussein
  • Government-sponsored murders in 1970s Chile under General Pinochet
  • Government-sponsored murders in Argentina in the 1970s under the military junta
  • Government-sponsored murders in El Salvador in the 1980s
  • Rebel-sponsored (FARC) murders in Colombia in 90s and 00s
  • Rebel-sponsored (Sendero Luminoso) murders in Peru in the 80's

The use of Death Squads has also been seen in countries such as


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