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You removed quite a bit of well cited information from the dinosaur article. Please refrain from such edits in the future. ~ SharonS 12:29, 11 March 2007 (EDT)

Not sure if this will get to you or anything, but what the hey:

The only part I removed was "These fossil records though have huge gaps", which is NOT well cited. The closest there is to a citation is AiG, which is a single, biased source, and thus not a lot of use.

Apart from that, I only reworded certain parts of it, added in headings to make it easier to read, and added in a lot of information to try and balance it.

How about we come to a compromise? I'll revert to my version, but I'll leave in the bit about the fossils record having huge gaps? Sureal

Liberals responsible for loss of Titanic?

Blocked for a week, guy. We're here to build a site that can be accessed by everyone, and not something that can be abused by anyone. I don't like what you did to RMS Titanic by way of a false accusation against a group, and I trust it won't happen again. Karajou 18:40, 19 April 2007 (EDT)