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Education, the field, Is much more intellectually interesting than most people realize. For me it's like a vast crime scene, with millions of injured people. What happened to them?

Short answer: the far-left (socialists and communists) happened to them. These ideologues have little interest in education as it is usually discussed. For them, education is a tool for social engineering, for transforming people, for creating new kinds of societies. This is the vision mocked in Brave New World (1932) . When the dream turns to nightmare, that's the vision satirized in 1984 (1949).

My Immediate practical point is that these visions require lots of scheming, manipulation, lies, propaganda, sophistry, and cruelty. Understanding all this psychological warfare is a challenge, and it's fun. I have placed more than 400 articles on the Internet. They all deal with the intricacies of sabotaging a country's school system. I think some of the smartest people in the country spend their careers devising nonsense intended to make people less than they might have been.

One of many paradigms for everything I'm referring to would be the introduction of New Math in 1962. This thing was in development for more than 10 years at great cost. It was a brutal failure. The geniuses who created New Math claimed that they had arrived at the perfect way to teach arithmetic, etc. I doubt they really believed this, but that was their marketing pitch. All it did was prevent children from mastering math or enjoying math.

As all this was unfolding, the far-left infiltrated our foundations, universities, media, and of course public education. All of these entities might seem separate but they reinforce each other very effectively. In short. we hardly ever see any serious analysis of education in our daily newspaper or other media. So the school systems are free to undercut traditional education as much as possible and to achieve what Charlotte Iserbyt called "the deliberate dumbing down of America."

Studying American K-12 makes you more sensitive to all the weird intrigues in our intellectual and political life. Think about the fact that Trump took the hydroxy cocktail before the whole world, but our media was strong enough, and ruthless enough, to suppress that fact. The great majority of people in this country think that cocktail will kill you. Similarly, the great majority of people in our public schools think the right way to learn to read is with sight-words. The teachers themselves have no idea what they're doing to the children when they follow this advice.

I wanted to place this article in Conservapedia in case people are looking for simple explanations of complex nonsense. Search my name and any education topic and you'll probably find some articles. I want to help people fight back against a very corrupt education establishment.

Hillsdale College sent out a National Survey on Socialism.

The survey’s questions suggested that civics, media, college professors, faulty legislation, and weak teaching of the Constitution are the big factors in Socialism’s rising prominence.

I wrote a letter to Pres. Larry Arnn suggesting that even if conservatives got control of these items, the problem would not be cured.

We have to deal with the deep corruption of K-12 education. Bogus theories and methods permeate every minute of the day for every student. So-called Progressive education has defeated traditional education. For example, phonics has been replaced by Sight-words. Basic arithmetic has been overwhelmed by Common Core Math. Honest instruction has been sabotaged by Constructivism. And so on throughout the curriculum. The result is that millions of dumbed-down, semi-literate, passive students are all too ready to believe whatever the school tells them.

Let's fight back at the level where the battle was fought and lost—in the classroom. What the children need is simply stated: reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, history, science, civics, and literature. Same as it ever was. If we could return phonics to the first grade, half the problems would disappear. Simply by mastering basic knowledge, the students would soon look like geniuses compared to the kids now.

Even teachers don't know what is being done in their own classrooms. Parents haven't got a clue. Local newspapers, even if they wished to help, would not be able to explain the problem. It's important to be realistic. We are up against smart and relentless "change agents,” that is, Socialists.

Hillsdale and similarly idealistic organization cannot easily improve higher education when elementary and secondary education are now so compromised.

We need to reclaim every child's first right: to be educated up to each one's potential.

The problem throughout American society is that nominally conservative organizations don't do enough to combat our change agents.

(Bruce Deitrick Price is author of “Saving K-12.”)