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'''Elitism''' is an attitude or belief in one's superiority based solely on membership in a particular group or community. Elitism can be seen, for example, in the delusion that being a celebrity or a gatekeeper of the [[mainstream news media <i>]] ''in itself</i> '' imparts sufficient wisdom to justify airing one's personal opinion on an issue.
During his ministry , Jesus attacked the religious elitism of the [[SaducceesSadducees]] and the [[Pharisees]] which led them to manipulate the ruling Roman governor into executing this [[Populism|populist ]] upstart. Because it is based in the values of Christianity, conservatism has an the ambition to be populist, unlike liberalism, in which the beliefs of elitists in politics, the courts, [[Professor values|beliefsacademia]] of , the intellectual elitists media and [[Hollywood values|Hollywood]] make them believe that they are superior to the public.
Notable elitists include:
#[[Al Gore]]
#[[Barack Hussein Obama]]
#[[Hillary Clinton]]
#[[Kamala Harris]]
#[[Barack Hussein Obama]]
#[[Michael Bloomberg]]
#[[Franklin Delano Roosevelt]]
#[[Marie AntoinetteAl Gore]]#[[Toby KeithNancy Pelosi]]#[[Adam Schiff]]#[[Jeffrey Epstein]]#[[David Cameron]]#Willard [[Mitt Romney]]#Most [[token conservative]]s ==See also==*[[Pietism]]*[[Esoteric]]*[[Princeling]]*[[Nomenklatura]]*[[Democratic Socialism]]*[[Uniparty]]*[[Establishment]]
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