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Essay:Anti Abortion activism: a personal essay

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With me, it began after a mass Charismatic meeting at Giant Stadium in New York in 1978. The main human participant was Fr. Francis McNutt, a healing gifted priest. As we were exiting a woman thrust in my hand a tract which proved to be, when I glanced at it, a pro-life tract. I don't believe that I did more than glance at it before I threw it away. But I kept remembering that woman, seemingly missing out on the importance of the event that had taken place, and standing outside doing her quaint mission. And something else clicked - I could do nothing about the [[holocaust]], the mass murder of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis, but somehow, there was another one going on right now - in the wombs of women, and this one was somehow, a continuation of that one. And I found, that my thoughts more and more drifted to and focused on - what to do about abortion. In those days, aside from being a clergyman, I was a social worker in the field of child abuse and neglect with the Connecticut Department of Children and Youth Services and I worked out of the main office in Hartford, working with children and families, far to numerous to "doing justice". My specialty was intervention in abuse cases. One day, I received a letter from an abortion clinic which was about to open its doors about 5 minutes from main office. I was being invited to send my girls, my case load girls who were pregnant, to receive an abortion at this clinic, with assurance, and here was the inducement, at a greatly discounted price. Suddenly, there was no longer any doubt. Abortion was not about altruism or even about women's rights. It was about money. I was enraged.
And so began the beginnings of my public service for my girls, and their babies to be and that were now alive in their wombs, and, so my sentiments ran, for the babies of America, and for the fending off another holocaust. Maybe, in the wisdom of God, it sometimes takes for some people big thoughts to bring about even little actions. Once or twice a week, I would leave for lunch, or sometimes after work, and retrieve from my car a large photo on a stick, a photo of three babies that had been dumped in a garbage can at a Canadian teaching hospital, and I would don my black clergy suit with white collar, and begin my march of demonstration and protest at the vehicle entrance of the [[Abortion]] Clinic, back and forth , back and forth, in the heat, the cold, and just right temperature of the day. One day, when I knew that I would not have time to strip of my civvies and don my clericals, I just wore my clergy suit to work. I remember my supervisor saying to me, in the hearing of the others, "I thought I hired a social worker, not a priest!"
Good things did happen. A couple or more women did not go through abortion because I was there, but the really memorable things were the "side" phenomena. One was an experience of the evil behind it all, evil that even the abortionist was himself subject to. One day, as the abortionist doctor was entering into the building from the parking lot itself which was on his property, to which I had no access, without my thinking to do it, without my permission, a call came out from me involuntarily, and from the top of my lungs were flung the words, " Doctor, are you still killing babies?", He turned around, as if caught by surprise, and then from out of his mouth to me, and I perceived it equally without his intent or permission, "...and I will keep on doing it long after you are in the grave!" I understood that this evil had so taken him over, and that he was voicing what was an intent far deeper and potent that that of his own. He was a tool. That night on T.V., the news featured an interview with the new abortionist doctor in town, and I heard him say that a priest had harassed him this morning. I suppose so.
But I was not alone all the time in this. A few days ago, I received a letter from a man, that walked with me in this, not at this particular clinic, but in front of Hartford Hospital. I used to picket this hospital, sometimes carrying my young son Daniel (now he is 29 years old and has his own son!). At Hartford Hospital, I was the recipient of both curses and blessing, of course mirroring the dispositions towards abortion of those entering or leaving the hospital. One day, a hospital worker in green rushed out of the hospital, came up to me, and blurted out before crossing the street and away, " I've been watching you, and I am through!" I understood that he was through with his part in abortions. Here is the letter I just received showing how much I was not alone, and how fruitfulness propagates with you and without you '...We used to picket Hartford Hospital together, and Mt. Sinai Hospital as well. You had written a "Thou Shalt Not Kill" sign in Hebrew that we used at the latter. God used me to work at Birthright of New Haven for four years. In 1985 we did our first rescue in New Haven and then another outside Boston. In 1987 I plugged into the national rescue movement and rescued a lot, mostly in the northeast. God guided me to begin teaching at St. Mary School in Breanford, CT from 1983 until 2001. Then He transferred me to my present school, St. Paul in Kensington. We teach middle school religion, history, and geography. I love it!" No need to give the name but there must be endless numbers of people that God is likewise using for His many faceted purposes.
But we saw also the need to help out in the plight of young pregnant women face with pressure, from their boyfriends, parents, and from the Pro- choice propaganda machines, and ultimately from within themselves, and so my wife Exie and I along with our growing in number children opened our home, delicious cooking and a bed, to three women, not at the same time, as a respite and to think it over. All three decided to have their babies, and one, with her mother and her baby with her, came back to thank us. Shortly after, a couple from our church, the Rev. Ben and Liz Torrey, but from another Connecticut town, opened up their home, which was called St. Thomas House, which become a temporary home, for among others, numbers of young ladies who were pregnant needing a warm place to stay, and time to think it over. And so the ''movement'' continued on. And then I found out that others of my family had been led independently into the same struggle, These were my sister-in-law and brother, Terry and Herb Schlossberg. Terry she soon became becooming the executive director of the Pro Life pro-life anti -abortion organization within her Church, the United Presbyterian Church, and it was another evidence to me and encouragement that I was far from alone and I was one of very many that God was moving to enact His will in this matter throughout the United States. One day, sitting on the floor of a church, either between picketing or between meetings, so confused is my memory of these times, I asked a leading priest in the pro-life movement how it had all started with him and how he had gotten his church, St Justin's, one of the leading in Hartford, in this activist side. He said, " I saw you in front of Hartford Hospital". And such is the way it goes. Later on, my sister-in-law Lourdes, a nurse, would work at this hospital and made this astute comment, "It is very hard for a pro-life doctor to be against an abortionist doctor when they work in the same hospital and eat together in the cafeteria."
But there is a plight in the minds and souls of those on the abortion side of things, and we must not underestimate the ability of God to get down under the skin and deep down further, even if it is not the complete desired end we seek.
Below the surface and behind the intents and reasons, we ought to see the most ancient and irrational of all motivations - spite. Spite of the defeated one who has nothing else left than that and hatred for any thing and anyone bearing the image of the Son of God - "...because he knows that his time is short."
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