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Democratic-Republican Party

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The '''Democratic-Republican Party''' was the second American political party. Formed out of the remnants of the Anti-federalist coalition, which opposed the #REDIRECT [[United States Constitution]], but favored the [[Bill of Rights]], the Democratic-Republicans opposed strong central government. Notable Democratic-Republicans included [[Thomas Jefferson]] and [[James Madison]]. The party was known as the "Republican Democrat Party" at the time, but historians have come to use the name "Democratic-Republican" to distinguish it from the modern [[Republican Party]]. Members were also called Jeffersonian Republicans. Modern Democrats trace their origins to the Democratic-Republicans, though there was a hiatus between their collapse in the early 1820s and the emergence of the Democratic Party in the 1830s. The modern Republican Party named itself after this party. ==Democratic-Republican Presidents==* [[Thomas Jefferson]] (1801-1809)* [[James Madison]] (1809-1817)* [[James Monroe]] (1817-1825) ==See Also==*[[Federalist Party]] [[Category:United States Political Parties]][[Category:Republicanism]][[Category:Early National U.S.]]