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Essay:Anti Abortion activism: a personal essay

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But there is a plight in the minds and souls of those on the abortion side of things, and we must not underestimate the ability of God to get down under the skin and deep down further, even if it is not the complete desired end we seek.
I knew that of the young women under eighteen on my case load who were pregnant and whose parents no longer had parental rights, those having been terminated and the State now in their place, the final say on whether they could be given abortion sat in the floor above me, in the seat of the Commissioner of the Deptartment of Children and Youth Services. He was the one that signed the papers the allowed for the abortion of all pregnant girls in the custody of the State. One day, with no real choice in the mattter left me, I made my appointment, and went up to his office, and made my case, which was simply, it was his hand that signed the death warrent for these babies. I was told by a fellow Social Worker that if I were to do this, that would be it, I would be no longer working for the State. The commissioner listened to me, without interruption and without protest, then made his plea, and I use that word, because it seemed to me to be just that, and that let me know that God was at work, though this work was not complete. The particlular case that brought this up was a girl on my case load that was placed in a facility and had made a request for abortion through this facility and now it was up only to the Commissioner. And these were the words of the Commissioner, asking for my understanding. "I also don't like it and if I weren't the Commissioner, I would have no part in this, but I want you to understand. If I don't sign, I lose my job, and someone else appointed that will sign!" And so it goes. The Commissioner did not lose his job and neither did I and from that time, when we would meet in the building, I sensed a respect for me. This story, though I did not how know then and still don't, I am sure, did not end there.
A final note- we are a tiny communion [[Evangelical Apostolic Church of North America (Syro-Chaldean)]], the English speaking daughter of a remant Church, the Ancient Aramaic Church of the East, that at one time populated the East from Israel to China. But we are not a fossil. In our almost non-existing canons of which we kidded that the first canon of which was "A clergyman shall not wear black clericals at the time of eating powdered donut.", there is a canon that reads, "Abortion shall be opposed."
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