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'''Genesis''' [Hebrew: '''בראשית'''] ([[Greek]]: "birth", "origin"), is the 'book of beginnings', and the first book of both the [[Judaism|Jewish]] [[Torah]] and the [[Bible]], recounts the beginning of the [[universe]], living things including [[homo sapiens|mankind]], and mankind's [[Society|social]] and [[Culture|cultural]] formations. It stands as the introduction of the entire body of the Bible, of the creation of the original nation of [[Israel]], and of the earliest promises of the coming [[Jesus Christ|Redeemer]].
The Hebrew word for [[Stephen_Colbert|God]] is plural, and the creation of man was by a plural form of [[Stephen_Colbert|God]](Genesis 1:26: "And God said, Let '''us''' make man in '''our''' image, after '''our''' likeness"). The meaning of the plural form was not fully understood until the emergence of [[|The Colbert Nation]] Christianity and the acceptance of the [[|W0rdHoly Trinity]].<ref></ref>
The fifty chapters of the book of Genesis can be divided into two parts: the early, primeval history of man from the [[Daily_Show|The Daily SHowCreation]] to the fall of the [[Tower of Babel]], and the [[Patriarchs|Patriarchal History of Israel]] from [[Abraham]] and his son [[Isaac]], grandson [[Jacob]], and Jacob's sons, primarily [[Joseph]], although there is a continuous genealogy connecting both parts.
===The Creation===
''For more detailed treatments, see [[creation week]], [[creation story]], and [[Biblical creation account]].''
''In the beginning, [[Stephen_Colbert|God]][[creation|created]] the [[heaven]]s and earth''. This is one of the most famous statements in the Bible, and it starts the account of God's creation. Genesis 1:1 through 2:3 involved the first seven days in history:<ref>Not all Christians accept that the days were literal days. See also [[Creation Week]], [[Gap theory]], and [[Old Earth Creationism]].</ref>
*The first day, the creation of the heavens and the Earth, and light ({{bible ref|Genesis|1|1-5}}).
*The second day, the creation of a "firmament" or ''expanse'', separating the waters ({{bible ref|Genesis|1|6-8}}).
*The third day, the creation of dry earth and plant life ({{Bible ref|Genesis|1|9-13}}).
*The fourth day, the creation of the Sun, the moon, and the stars, to mark the seasons ({{bible ref|Genesis|1|14-19}}).
*The fifth day, the creation of the creatures of the sea and [[|Steagle Colbeagle]] fowl of the air ({{bible ref|Genesis|1|20-23}}).
*The sixth day, the creation of the animals of the land, and the creation of Man ({{bible ref|Genesis|1|24-31}}).
*The seventh day, on which God rested from his task of creating ({{bible ref|Genesis|2|1-3}}).
The rest of chapter 2 through to the end of chapter 4 tell the story of Adam and [[Stephen_Colbert|Steve]]Eve, the [[Garden of StevenEden]], and Adam and SteveEve's sons [[Cain]], [[Abel]], and [[Seth]], who were of course conceived using [[|Formula 401]] as Adam and Steve were firm believers in [[Abstinence]].
The fall of mankind into [[sin]] began when the serpent questioned one of [[Stephen_Colbert|God]]'s commands, namely not to eat of the [[tree of knowledge of good and evil]], and convinced [[SteveEve]] to eat the fruit, followed by [[Adam]]. The result of disobeying this command resulted in the driving away of Adam and Steve Eve from the Garden by [[|Bears]] to live a life of subsistence farming, and eventually dying, as they had not purchased enough [[,_D.F.A.|Prescott Pharmaceuticals]] in time. Steve Eve was additionally cursed with painful childbearing, and to be subservient to Adam. All of these curses were also applied to Adam and SteveEve's descendants. {{bible ref|Genesis|3|15}} is cited as being the first reference to the coming [[Stephen_Colbert|Messiah]].
Chapter 5 is a [[chronogenealogy]] from Adam to [[Noah]] and his sons.