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Arthur Middleton

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[[File:Arthurmiddleton.jpg|right|thumb|200px| Arthur Middleton]]
'''Arthur Middleton''' (b. June 26, 1742; d. January 1, 1787) was one of the [[United States]]' [[Founding Fathers]]. Middleton was a member of [[South Carolina]]'st Council of Safety (against its enemies), a body that virtually ruled the province until a provisional government was established. His father was Henry Middleton, President of the [[First Continental Congress]]; Arthur Middleton was elected to take his father's seat as South Carolina's delegate to the [[Second Continental Congress]]. Middleton was also a prisoner-of-war in during the America [[American Revolution]].
==Early Life==
Henry Middleton's eldest was born at the family mansion, Middleton Place, near Charleston, [[South Carolina]]. At age 12, his father sent him to [[England]] for his education. After Arthur graduated from Cambridge in 1773, <ref>[ Arthur Middleton,]</ref> he went on a tour of [[Europe]]. He returned to America and married Mary Izzard. Arthur became a justice of the peace and served as a delegate to the provincial assembly. Once again, he He traveled in Europe but now with his wife. He returned to , and on the couple's return to Middleton Place and he acquired rice plantations.
==American Revolution==