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American History Homework Nine Answers - Student One

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3. The progressive movement was a benefit to America. Obviously, a better government is desirable. Suffrage for women is a good thing. Women deserve the right to vote and have a say in political matters. Direct election of senators ensures that the American people will have a say in the government. Laws against child labor and sweatshops provided better safety. The farmers were helped, indirectly helping the food market; a large percentage of food came from farmers. The progressive movement did much more to help America besides the ones listed above.
4. The cartoon depicts President McKinley's choice about what to do with the Philippines, after America won the Spanish-American war. American newspapers opposed the return of the Philippines to Spain, because they feared the mistreatment of the Filipino people. It shows a man with earth as his head watching. This depicts the phrase, 'wht whole world is watching.' Whether from peer pressure or personal opinion, McKinley decided to keep the Philippines as an American territory. I believe the cartoonist believed that McKinley would give the Philippines back to Spain. I draw this conclusion from the way McKinley appears: with a frown and a tight grip on the Filipino child's neck. He appears especially sinister nest next to the child's terrified face. He is also standing next to a cliff with a sign that says, to Spain. If the cartoonist viewpoint was that McKinley would shield the Filipino people, he probably would not have drawn the cartoon in this manner. Perhaps he would have shown a 'kind' McKinley shielding the child and leading the child away from the cliff.
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