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Debate:Does modern music negatively influence children

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:::My school taught: "We suggest you practice safe sex... don't rape anyone." They also showed us teenagers some pretty disgusting [[Sexually Transmitted Disease|STI]] videos, along with describing childbirth. "(Premarital) Sex is disgusting" became my life-belief... and it still is my belief.
:::There was a study/experiment done with 72 lab mice. [ I suggest you read just the first article] o.O [[User:NathanG|Nate]]<sup>[[User_talk:NathanG|because people listen to what I say?]]</sup> 17:16, 17 August 2008 (EDT)
"My favoite color is red, like the blood shed; from Kurt Cobain's head, when he shot himself dead; Women all grabbin at my shishkabob; Bought Lauryn Hill's tape so her kids could starve
(I can't stand white people!); You thought I was livid, now I'm even more so; Shit I got full blown AIDS and a sore throat. .... I wanna make songs all the fellas dub; And murder every rich rapper that I'm jealous of; So just remember when I bomb your set; Yo, I only cuss to make your mom upset." - Eminem, "Cum on Everybody". I believe I have made my point. [[User:NewCrusader|NewCrusader]] 18:13, 17 August 2008 (EDT)