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Great Flood

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=== Gilgamesh Epic ===
The best known of the flood accounts is, firstly, the biblical account in [[Genesis]], and secondly, the one found in the [[Gilgamesh Epic]]. Both are written accounts. The Genesis account Here is the most detailed of any of the accounts, and the one against which others are usually compared. It has also been studied the most, with a number summary of terms used in reference to it, including ''the Flood'', ''Noah's Flood'', ''the Deluge'', ''the Great Flood'', and ''the Noahic flood''.Gilgamesh Epic:The terms :''pre-diluvian'' and ''post-diluvian'' refer to the times prior to and following the flood event, respectively. The council of the gods decided to destroy mankind with a flood, but Utnapishtim was warned by the god who had made man, Ea, to build a boat to take all living beings. The length, width, and height were each 120 cubits (about 180 feet). It had seven stories. :''The gods got frightened by the flood and retreated to heaven where they cowered and wept.:''The flood lasted six days and seven nights, and was accompanied by wind and storm.:''Utnapishtim send out a dove followed by a swallow, but both returned, unable to find land. He then sent a raven, which didn't return.
Dr. Jonathan Sarfati comments on the Gilgamesh Epic: