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Great Flood

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== Flood accounts ==
Peoples around the world record a world-destroying '''flood''' in their oral or written histories. Dr. [[John Morris]] wrote regarding the existence of a past worldwide flood the following: "One of the strongest evidences for the global flood which annihilated all people on [[Earth]] except for [[Noah]] and his family, has been the ubiquitous presence of flood legends in the folklore of people groups from around the world. And the stories are all so similar."<ref></ref> Today 60% of [[Americans]] accept as true the [[Bible|Biblical]] account of the Great Flood,<ref></ref> and the olive branch returned by a dove to the Ark after the Flood is universally recognized as a symbol of peace.
The best known of the flood accounts is, firstly, the biblical account in [[Genesis]], and secondly, the one found in the [[Gilgamesh Epic]]. Both are written accounts. The Genesis account is the most detailed of any of the accounts, and the one against which others are usually compared. It has also been studied the most, with a number of terms used in reference to it, including ''the Flood'', ''Noah's Flood'', ''the Deluge'', ''the Great Flood'', and ''the Noahic flood''.