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Antediluvian civilization

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I removed the comment about the civilization being "primitive". that needs to be defined more, since there is speculation to the contrary, and even some evidence
'''Antediluvian''' means "before refers to the time prior to the [[Great Flood|Great Deluge]]:" civilizations during that time were primitive, but prosperous. The legendary kingdom of [[Atlantis]] may have existed during this period.
== Evil of Mankind ==
According to the Bible, fallen [[Angels]], ("the Sons of God" Gen. 6:2), had relations with human women, giving birth to giants: "the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."(Gen. 6:4)
Besides their powerful, super-human rulers, Antediluvian civilizations were wicked and violent. (Gen. 6:5) . This leads us to believe that they were not struggling to survive, rather they were basking in excess; they could afford to become corrupt because of the surplus of resources. == Legends ==The legendary kingdom of [[Atlantis]] may have existed during this period. [[Category:Ancient History]]