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Noah's Ark

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[[Image:Scale-model-of-noah-ark.jpg|right|frame|"The replica of Noah's ark shown above is 1/75 scale. For comparison purposes, both the railroad stockcar and model of the sailing ship Pinta (one of Columbus' ships) are also at the same 1/75 scale model size."<ref>[ Scale model replica of Noah's ark -]</ref>]]
'''Noah's Ark''' (or ''the Ark'') was a large seafaring vessel referred to in the [[Genesis|book of Genesis]]. It was built by [[Noah]] at the command and instruction of [[God]], in response to the [[Depravity of man|evil of man]] at the time. God told Noah that he would destroy the [[earth]] with a [[Great Flood|flood]], and only Noah, his family, and some animals would be saved in the ship.
== The Ark ==
=== Interior design and dimensions ===
There were three stories which were divided into multiple rooms. There is only a single window and door recorded for the whole ark, but possibly because these were the most important ones. The dimensions were three hundred [[cubit]]s long by fifty cubits wide by thirty cubits high (Genesis Gen. 6:15). which equates to approximately 450 feet long, by 75 feet wide, by 45 feet high.
=== Construction time ===
=== Occupants ===
[[Image:Noah's Ark - Rod Walsh.jpg|center]]
Noah was instructed, by God, to take aboard the Ark his wife, his three sons and their wives, male and female pairs of all the "unclean" kinds of creatures, seven (or seven pairs) each of the "clean" kinds, and enough food and supplies for everyone (Genesis Gen. 6:18-7:3; 7:6, 11).
=== Maiden Voyage ===
== Searching for the Ark ==
=== Durupinar site ===
In 1977, Ron Wyatt promoted a site on the lower slopes of Mount Ararat which he claimed was the remnants of Noah's Ark.<ref></ref> However, his findings have since been discredited by a variety of sources including mainstream archaeologists and other Young Earth Creationists<ref>Snelling, Andrew, [ Special report: Amazing ‘Ark’ exposé], ''Creation'' 14(4):26–38
September 1992.</ref> prompting [[Creation Ministries International]] and [[Answers in Genesis]], two of the world's largest creationist ministries, to make a general statement that Young Earth Creationists should not use Wyatt's claims since they are at best highly dubious.<ref></ref><ref>[ Arguments we think creationists should NOT use] (Creation Ministries International)</ref><ref></ref>
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