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Noah's Ark

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/* The Ark */
=== Materials ===
The vessel was constructed with gopher wood, which was covered with a layer of pitch (a kind of [[tar]]). Scholars, although not sure, posit a number of possibilities for what gopher wood represents, including [[mahogany]], [[zebra wood]], [[cambriatic wood]], [[cypress]], and [[ebony]].<ref>[ What is “Gopher Wood”?]</ref>
=== Tools used in construction ===
{{cquote|'''Did Noah cut out the ark with an adze?'''<br />Some illustrations show an old bearded Noah chipping away at a log with an adze. Some portray Noah belonging to a 'primitive' culture of nomadic herdsmen, who never made anything more advanced than a tent-pole and a clay bowl. The evidence disputes this. From the 'dawn' of civilization (which is really the 2nd dawn - after the flood), man's ingenuity and technical achievements are astounding. So much so that they are considered ancient 'mysteries', or even 'evidence' of high-tech alien visitations. The evolutionary mindset implies a gradually increasing level of technology which suddenly boomed a few centuries ago. Not so in the diggings. Some of the most ancient Egyptian artefacts defy a simple explanation for their manufacture - from the precisely machined granite vase to the huge accurate pyramids and buildings. And these are the bits that survived some 4000 years!<ref>[ WWF: Ancient Technology]</ref>}}
=== Interior design and dimensions ===