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Homeschooled celebrities

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In regards to '''people who arguably were homeschooled''', lists Lists abound of famous achievers who were [[homeschool|taught at home]], some more accurate than others.<ref></ref><ref></ref>. The following Conservapedia believes that the people have been found on such lists. Their in the following list were arguably homeschooled, though their educational background has not yet been thoroughly researched by Conservapedia our editors. ['''Note: everyone is invited to find citations for these listed below and with the citations move them up to the category above.''']
**[[Stonewall Jackson]]
**[[Douglas MacArthur]]
* '''Inventors and Scientists'''
**[[Alexander Graham Bell]] (1847-1922), inventor one of two independent inventors of the [[telephone]].
**[[Pierre Curie]]
**[[Cyrus McCormick]]
**[[George Wyeth]]
**[[Patrick Henry]]
**[[William Paca]]
**[[William Penn]]
**[[Henry Clay]]
**[[John Marshall]]
**[[John Rutledge]]
**[[Abraham Lincoln]]
*'''Religious Figures'''
**[[Brigham Young]]
*'''Writersand thinkers'''
**[[Hans Christian Andersen]]
**[[Robert Browning]] (1812-1889), a brilliant English poet.
**[[C. S. Lewis]]
**[[Sean O’Casey]]
**[[Beatrix Potter]] - Victorian illustrator and writer of children's stories still loved today.<ref>[ Beatrix Potter's life]</ref>
**[[Herbert Spencer]]
**[[Jonathan Krohn]]
*'''Artists and Social Figures'''
**[[Florence Nightingale]]
**[[Leo Tolstoy]]
[[Category:People who were Educated at Home]]
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