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Institute of Pacific Relations

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[[Mary Van Kleeck]] espoused the official Soviet version in 1938 of the [[Great purge]] in IPR's ''Pacific Affairs''. Owen Lattimore defended the [[show trial]]s in Moscow in the same publication as "an evidence of democracy."<ref>''Pacific Affairs'', September, 1938.</ref>
In July of 1938 IPR had a grant of $90,000 from the Rockefeller Foundation to make a study. Carter was managing it. Lattimore wrote to Carter, “I think you were pretty cagey to turn over so much of the China section of the inquiry to Asiaticus, Han-seng and Chi. They will bring out the essential [[radical]] aspects, but can be depended upon to do it with the right touch!” Lattimore went on to say "my hunch is that it will pay to keep behind the official Chinese Communist position, " and "as for the USSR—back their international policy in general, hut but without using their slogans, and above all without giving them or anybody else the impression of subservience." <ref>United States Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security Hearings, July 26, 1951.</ref> Carter defended his decision to employ a Soviet scholar to the [[U.S. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee]] investigating IPR in 1953. The Committee questioner needed to point out to Carter that this particular case occurred in 1940, when the Soviet Union, by virtue of the [[Communazi Peace pact]], was not an all ally of the United States, but an ally of [[Hitler]].<ref>United States Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security Hearings, July 25, 1951.</ref>
During [[World War II]] an IPR resource packet was adopted by 1300 [[public school]] systems, and the [[War Department]] purchased over three quarters of a million IPR pamphlets for instructing military personnel. <ref>Anthony Kubek, ''How the Far East Was Lost'', Chicago 1963, pgs. 350-351.</ref>
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