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San Francisco

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/* Bill O'Reilly and San Francisco Values */
== Bill O'Reilly and San Francisco Values ==
[[Image:Wicked.jpg|thumb|right|150px|The book ''When the Wicked Seize a City'' by Dr. [[Chuck McIlhenny]] recounts he and his church were terrorized by [[homosexuality|homosexual]] activists in San Francisco.]]
:{{See also|San Fransisco valuesFrancisco Values}}
There is much antipathy between the liberal San Franciscans and [[Bill O'Reilly]], who has made many comments about [[San Francisco values]]. For example, the [[San Francisco Chronicle]] devoted two-thirds of its front page to a picture of Bill O'Reilly and had an extremely large story about him when he stated that San Francisco should secede from the [[United States]] and form its own country.<ref></ref>
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