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Michael T. Flynn

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===Trip to Moscow===
Before Flynn made a trip to [[Moscow]] in December 2015 he alerted his former employer, the DIA. He then attended a “defensive” or “protective” briefing before he ever sat alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin at the ''Russia Today'' (RT) dinner, or before he talked with then-Russian Ambassador [[Sergey Kislyak]]. The briefing educated and sensitized Flynn to possible efforts by his Russian host to compromise the former high-ranking defense official and prepared him for conversations in which he could potentially extract intelligence for U.S. agencies such as the DIA. When Flynn returned from Moscow, he spent time briefing intelligence officials on what he learned during the Moscow contacts. Between two and nine intelligence officials attended the various meetings with Flynn about the RT event, and the information was moderately useful, about what one would expect from a public event.<ref></ref>
[[Joseph Mifsud]], an "Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) FBI [[counterintelligence]] lure," or spy, also attended the event.
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