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Michael T. Flynn

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[[Muellergate]] prosecutors attempted to hide from the court the fact that Gen. Flynn's FBI interview reports (FD-302s) were tampered with. Flynn was first interviewed by FBI investigators [[Peter Strzok]] and [[Joe Pientka]] on January 24, 2019 who reported their impressions were that Flynn did not lie. Spygate conspirator [[Andrew McCabe]] intervened to alter the field investigators 302 interview reports. McCabe's special counsel [[Lisa Page]] texted her lover, Agent Peter Strzok, the go ahead to write up an official report on February 14, 2019. The interview report was filed on February 15, 2019. Typically an interview report is to be completed within 30 days.
After disgraced FBI director [[James Comey]] was fired and [[Robert Mueller]] appointed as Special Counsel on May 17, 2019 to hide Obama FBI wrongdoing in the [[2016 presidential election]], the interview reports were again altered on May 30, 2019 so as to hide the team effort in writing the original reports, the FBI's illegal 702 [[FISA abuse]] prior to the election, make the Flynn investigation appear part of the Mueller probe, and hoax federal [[Judge Emmett Sullivan ]] at Flynn's sentencing hearing.<ref></ref>
In August 2019 Flynn's attorney filed a motion to compel the production of the hidden evidence by the Mueller team, the exculpatory [[Brady material]]. Flynn finally erupted at prosecutors, his legal team accusing top Mueller officials of "malevolent" conduct and withholding evidence related to Strzok/Page/Ohr/Steele, etc.<ref></ref> The motion read, {{quotebox|[[Andrew Weissmann|[Andrew] Weissmann]] and Ms. [[Zainab Ahmad|[Zainab] Ahmad]] while at DOJ in 2016-17 were working with [[Bruce Ohr]] (then the fourth highest ranking member of DOJ) to feed information from his wife [[Nellie Ohr|Nellie]] at [[FusionGPS]] and British citizen [[Christopher Steele]] to the FBI through his secret back-channel. This was happening after the FBI terminated Mr. Steele as a paid informant because he was keeping the press informed of his “findings.” FusionGPS, Steele, and Ms. Ohr were all working for the [[2016 Clinton campaign|Clinton campaign]]. In addition, Ms. Ohr worked for the [[CIA]]. The entire operation is further compromised by the fact that the second agent who interviewed Mr. Flynn along with former agent [[Peter Strzok|Strzok]], was Bruce Ohr’s contact with the FBI and conducted numerous debriefings of Mr. Ohr—passing along to the FBI the corrupted and false information from the Ohrs, Steele, and FusionGPS. That agent may also have joined [[Mueller office|Special Counsel’s team]]. Weissmann and Ahmad were not in the DOJ chain of command to be informed by Mr. Ohr at all. They had no legitimate reason to be privy to his operation with FusionGPS and Christopher Steele. Remarkably, despite this involvement, Mr. Weissmann and Ms. Ahmad then went directly to the Special Counsel team, along with Strzok and possibly the second agent, thereby calling into question the entire investigation with their illicit involvement with Ohr and Steele. Closing the circle, Ahmad was co-counsel with Van Grack in the prosecution of Mr. Flynn. It is imperative the defense obtain the Bruce Ohr 302s and notes—unredacted—and all evidence of this circuitous and illicit operation."<ref></ref>}}
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