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Vladimir Putin

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|number=2th and 4th
|terms=December 31, 1999 – May 7, 2008 (first)<br>May 7, 2012 – (second)
|vp=[[Dmitry Medvedev]]
|preceded=[[Boris Yeltsin]] (First term), Dmitry Medvedev (Second term)
|religion=claimed [[Russian Orthodox]], previously [[Atheist]]
'''Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin''' ([[Russian language|Russian]]: Владимир Владимирович Путин) (born October 7, 1952) was reelected is the socially [[conservative]] president of the [[Russian Federation]] in , a position he's held since 2012, after serving as prime minister since May 8, 2008, and previously serving as [[president]] since December 31, 1999, the day <ref>[[Boris Yeltsin]] resigned from the presidency.<ref>on that day, and Putin was later elected president by 54% of the electorate on March 26, 2000.</ref> Putin has managed to preserve and even increase increased Russia's relevancy stature in international affairs despite its weak economic position.<ref>Seib, Gerald F. (May 6, 2019). [ Putin Punches Above His Weight]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved May 7, 2019.</ref>
A self-described [[Christian]], Putin leads the increasingly [[conservative]] Russia against the [[homosexual agenda]] and towards [[pro-life]] side. Much of the criticism of Liberals criticize Putin and [[Russia]] by [[liberal]]s in the [[United States]] is motivated by their opposition to Russian policies because they disagree with him on social issues. [[Obama]] even refused to attend the Winter Olympic games held in Russia in 2014. Putin has also criticized liberal values as out of touch with a more traditional population.<ref>Multiple references:
*Isachenkov, Vladimir (June 29, 2019). [ Putin says liberalism ‘eating itself,’ migrant influx wrong]. ''Associated Press''. Retrieved June 29, 2019.
*Calicchio, Dom (June 28, 2019). [ Putin: Liberal values ‘obsolete,’ people in West prefer ‘traditional’ values]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved June 29, 2019.
*[ Putin Tells FT: 'The Liberal Idea Has Become Obsolete']. ''Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty''. Retrieved June 29, 2019.</ref>
However, Putin has made many controversial statements on [[Communism]] and has a good attitude towards [[Islam]]. [[Alexander Dugin]] argues:<ref></ref>
{{Cquote|If we consider the situation in Russia more closely, we will discover that almost all that is said in the West about Putin is wrong. It is a complete caricature. The most important criticism of Putin inside Russia is not from the liberals. Liberals represent the smallest part of the critics. They are absolutely marginal… So the West is absolutely wrong in thinking that there is this big liberal opposition to Putin that is artificially kept down. The real opposition to Putin is growing completely on the other side of Russian society. It is growing discontent with "lunar" Putin, against the Putin who is surrounded by liberals. All the government is completely not only corrupt, it consists of pro-Western liberals. Nothing has changed after the last election.}}
[[Forbes]] ranked Putin as the most powerful man in the world as of December 2016, while Obama was ranked #48. Putin gains popularity every time he challenges the U.S. or Europe, or sends troops into Georgia.<ref></ref> Putin's Russia is an authoritarian system, with restricted capitalism, a rubber stamp parliament, compliant media, imprisoned or exiled oligarchs, harassed NGOs, marginalized pro-Western democratic parties, and a foreign policy based on bullying and military strength, all based on money from oil and gas.<ref></ref><ref></ref>
In March 2018, Putin unveiled his re-vamped revamped nuclear missile program, and used the opportunity which was interpreted as a challenge to threaten the United States of America and the Western World.<ref>[ Putin Shows Off New Nuclear Weapons, Warns West to ‘Listen’]</ref>
Putin was born in [[Leningrad]] on [[October]] 7, 1952 and . He was baptized as an Orthodox Christian and continue to be a member to this day. Putin was a [[judo ]] champion in his youth.<ref></ref> He was educated in law and economics at Leningrad State University before being assigned to work in the [[KGB]].<ref>[ Webpage of Vladimir Putin]</ref> After five years in [[East Germany]], he took up various political positions before becoming [[prime minister]] in 1999.
[[File:Vladtheimpaler.jpg|thumb|200px|Putin at an conference]]
He was married to Lyudmila Putina, a former stewardess with Aeroflot, from July 28, 1983, until 2014, when the two divorced. They have two daughters.
A [[Christian]] himself, Putin governs a nation that is rapidly becoming more Christian and more [[conservative]], and his snubbing of [[liberal]] [[Obama]] in May 2012 suggests that Putin is well aware of how conservative his country is becoming. On social issues and taxation, Russia under Putin is more conservative today than the [[Western Europe]].
In terms of achievements, Putin has successfully opposed the [[homosexual agenda]] and has supported [[pro-life]] reforms. He has also stabilized the Russian economy and restored Russia's national pride, largely by politically exploiting the financial windfall of Europe's need for Russian oil and gas. Russians were enthusiastic that he ended the social chaos that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the subsequent pell-mell privatization of the state-owned economy. Many Russians have been mesmerized by the new glitter of Moscow and the restored glamour of St. Petersburg. Russia's revived self-pride follows the humiliation of the chaos after 1991 and the incompetence of his predecessor [[Boris Yeltsin]]. Russians have a long history of authoritarian governments and a strong diastase for anarchy. They have little experience with freedom. The Russian mafia, which is more sophisticated than its counterparts elsewhere, controls more than 40 percent of the total economy. Their control is thought to be even greater in certain areas, such as banking, real estate, and consumer markets.<ref>[ Louise I. Shelley, ''The Price Tag of Russia's Organized Crime'']</ref> In November 2014, Putin started allowing his citizens to own concealed firearms for self-defense, but under certain restrictions.<ref></ref> Russia under Putin made it illegal for foreigners without a permit to preach, and banned cults that are harmful to families (Jehovah's Witnesses and Scientology engage in family shunningwhile Falun Gong, whose founder lives in a luxurious property, prevents family members from seeking medical treatment).<ref></ref> Not having a permit is why a Baptist pastor came under persecutiongot heavily fined.<ref></ref> Blasphemy Like many parts of Europe, blasphemy against the church is also illegal.<ref></ref><ref></ref>
In May 2019, Putin signed a bill into law ordering the creation of "a national internet network that would be able to operate independently from the rest of the world."<ref>Gstalter, Morgan (May 2, 2019). [ Putin signs controversial internet law]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved May 2, 2019.</ref><ref>[ Putin Signs ‘Sovereign Internet’ Law, Expands Government Control]</ref> Russia began testing this network.<ref>Bonn, Tess (December 26, 2019). [ Russia successfully tests country-wide alternative to global internet]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved December 26, 2019.</ref>
* [ Official President of Russia Website]
* [[David Horowitz|Horowitz, David]], [ Putin and the shadow of the KGB on the Glazov Gang], Sherman Oaks, [[California]]: [ David Horowitz Freedom Center], Published April 5, 2013.
*[ WATCH and LISTEN: Putin Sings Russian National Anthem With 130,000 People!] (Subtitles and lyrics in closed captioning)
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