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eros debased into cravings and compulsions
:1 John 3:17-18
Modern [[secular]] culture has debased the classic idea of erotic love and appreciation of pleasant things into the narrow sensual depravity of erotic bodily lust alone and the debased addictive cravings generated by ''porneia'' (pornographic pleasure) and "recreational" drugs; not only sexual lust but lust for other things—overeating, gambling, violence, speed, personal indulgence in any one of the [[Seven Deadly Sins]]. Willingness to sacrifice and die for such things is not agape-love but [[perversion]] of the good into a form of [[idolatry]], which can be debased into the uncontrollable cravings of involuntary slavery of to compulsive mental and physical obsession or addictionleading ultimately to violence and murder, if there is no timely intervention by alert persons to prevent it.
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